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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened


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  1. Hi Lea, I’m also here because of a relapse...5 months clean... then...just 1...2... etc. the idea of returning to compulsiveness scared the heck out of me...so I am here... I allow myself to watch movies, eat anything,.WHATEVER, as long as I don’t play games. Anyone scolding me...no difference...it just doesn’t connect.... quitting games is an inside job... my life or games... my decision. Best wishes to you...to both...all of us.
  2. Dave, all I can say is that I’ve spent YEARS of my life playing games rather than living an interesting life. When I started being creative, I felt such relief and joy... in contrast to the mind-numbing, eye-exhausting, messing-with-my-mind games. Years....wasted. I’m here because I just started playing again after quitting in January. Rather be here and write than play. Anytime I feel sadness, ineptness, anger, which these times bring, playing a game comes to my fingertips.... just can’t go back there...too expensive. best wishes to you. Sandy
  3. New member... had quit Jan 1 this year...( so would have made the 90 day) and just started playing again. More and more each day. Glad to find this forum. I’m a 77 years old female..don’t want to waste the rest of my life this way though if I get covid-19, I’ll give myself permission. Thanks so much for everyone who’s posted and for recorded videos...like relapsed. It’s only been 3 days since I started again.....I will go to this forum every time I want to play. Have already wasted YEARS on games. Thanks for being here.
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