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  1. Motivating :) I should definitely get into book writing for how much I like to write. Though specifically I just wrote Halted on the cover to my copy of my 12-step workbook, I will forward you link to it though I did not write it but write in it working the steps.

  2. Hmm wow yeah I think you definitely did, I think we have had this entire halts/halted exchange before lol. Writing down next to Halts on cover of 12-step workbook with a credit to your name. Thank you for taking time to define that again it is a good one.

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  3. On 10/6/2019 at 2:55 AM, giblets said:

    reflecting recently about the finite resource that we all have and what separates the people from repeating the cycle of non-improvement from those who never satisfy their appetite for getting better and achieving more.

    Poverty and habitually poor decisions vs bringing the money in and habitually good decisions, for the most part.

  4. Wonderful and thoughtful post Books, thank you for sharing. Serious topics deserve to be seriously addressed especially on such grand occasions. Very happy for you, I can't wait for this game-free life of mine to blossom as much to where people around me will see the difference! If sometime you feel the discontent for all things gaming gets stuck in an undesired brain feedback loop, there is this relapse prevention acronym I learned from this other 12-stepper called HALTS "Never get too Hungry, Angry, Lonely, Tired, or Serious."  Looking forward to share the difference with you and everyone as my own game-free life evolves.

  5. On 10/16/2019 at 2:10 PM, BooksandTrees said:

    Some of my friends just want to bounce around different restaurants to talk so they can drink beer and coffee. I think I'm just gonna brew coffee and have them bring beer if they want a beer. Life doesn't need to be this expensive.

    Nope! Restaurants and bars were the biggest money drainers for me before I finally got my own apartment. Contact to friend circle moved and it just me and my quiet game addiction for awhile. Anyhow point being that was still a time where I saved a lot of money but imagine if I did that while investing in things that matter instead of beer and video games. Like no reason to feed someone elses addiction =) 

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  6.  Morning 3. 

    Filled out employment papers for contractor and picked up all needed supplies yesterday evening. Today moved rain gear, cold gear, and coveralls into car. Living half an hour away with only half hour lunch break with early report to work time I will begin today preparing meals one day ahead. Slow cooker "crock" pots are really good to have here though was totally using it anyway because is less maintenance than fixing food on stovetop and also cooks food gently which gives a better result. Cooking with less metals is a plus too according to Neal Barnard in his book "Power Foods for the Brain" as metals contribute over time to Alzheimer's.

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  7. Only you can decide how much you need to commit without gaming and whatever you write in your journal is above all a help to you, I have no doubt the majority here supports that. This place has never really enforced an all-or-nothing mentality when it comes to quitting games as I understand. I am always happy to see new folk check in to share their progress and I welcome you to stay however long you like this is a really good forum.

  8. Looks like telephone interview was as much as they needed - got handed a stack of papers to fill out and told I need to bring a hard hat, reflective vest, and steel toe he will call me tomorrow so pretty sure I got the job. This really kicks ass I missed working maintenance a lot I really suck at retail. :6_smile:

  9. 8 minutes ago, BooksandTrees said:

    So how did you manage to get back into gaming while you were away? Have you done some introspection to see how and why it happened?

    @BooksandTrees  Too much too soon. Being productive does not mean I was building a life conducive to living without technology. No for that to be a success it is necessary to create and connect to an environment without the tech. So local friends, gym membership, exercise class, martial arts, training partners, golfing, hiking, cycling - such things would be a huge added bonus to get your head somewhere else. I did library, calisthenics, and running by myself though biggest mistake was not removing the computer from my bedroom always seeing it there. I suppose while library is educational it might be better to pick more activities that help keep you busy and not think in your head so much. So yeah reading a Wayne Dyer's translation of Tao Te Ching in his book "Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Life" next to my computer was a mistake and got my mind rationalizing that I could apply such principles to my old online game while keeping addiction away, well that may have worked for about 24 hours and it was all downhill from there especially when I found a copy of retro console games I didn't know I still had. From there it was one game after another as my mind rationalized to keep doing it to deal with stress, that I needed it. Well the more I thought about it the more I knew how much better my life was without games so here I am again humbly reclaiming my time.



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  10. Morning 1.

    Already hit my first detox symptom lol woke up an hour before alarm dreaming about multiple video games .. yet at the same time I had been neglecting getting up before sunrise when gaming so already off to a great start actually doing more things that are in my best interest. While the brain swimming in dopamine is like, "wtf why did you delete all those games u idiot", it is time for me to focus on the best part of detox - robust uninterrupted morning routines and flow states :16_relieved:

  11. 13 minutes ago, CornishGameHen said:

    It's too bad you won't be journaling online, but I understand why you choose a paper journal.  I guess post back here every so often to briefly summarize where you're at.  Congrats on the 30 days of no-gaming too, and your previous successes with going past 90 days.  It's sure a lot farther than what I've done, so kudos!



    Aw thanks that was 30 days without any kind of digital technology, lot of book reading! I will journal here as I get back into the swing of things. 

  12. Day 0, No games with my life.

    Having previously made it well past 90 days I know the drill, let's do this GQ :)

    Made sure today to remove games from my computer and from the backup drive I didn't remember to clean last go round. 

    Eventually I will again attempt a 90 day digital detox but I have got to take time first to detach gaming from my life again then for a digital detox to be successful I think having a local "offline" accountability partner is most important. A wingman that will not just tell you its time to get out of the house but will be in your driveway honking the horn. 

    Got to get into making friends like that, for darn sure.

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  13. On 7/16/2019 at 12:05 PM, Dylan Tazzioli said:

    How do you get enough fats in your diet?

    @Dylan Tazzioli - Nuts, seeds, olives, avacados. Chia & Flax good source of omega 3, every morning will take 1T of either and blend in magic bullet with water and handful of raisins. Algae - have not found any at my small town but this MD Michael Greger says algae is great source


    Journal - I made it to 30 days without technology and since then rationalized my way back into gaming. I feel it is not necessary to flesh out that story more here, I knew better. Not an excuse for the gaming bit though I do think having technology in my home while attempting to go without was a big problem here. I am back to the journal because I said I would come back and I remember posting some personal goals here for motivation. Going to begin my journey without games again, remembering how good my life was then, I'd be a fool not to. 

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  14. Welcome back @sephinea the game addiction is totally real, here below is what helped me to achieve my detox take what works for you best of luck - I plan to begin my digital detox from devices & internet tomorrow.

    For your reference to help along the way here is ..
    A welcoming statement :230_hatched_chick:
    In preparation for a 90 day detox and beyond ..
    First move the consoles & games out of sight so it stays out of mind ..
    This includes uninstalling them from the computer & devices! ..
    Once it is done you can move on from there & a lot easier I might add.

    Getting rid of the games for good enabled me to finish the detox strong, consider that.
    After that you need to teach yourself how else to spend that free time!
    Make sure you are eating healthy, getting daily exercise, & proper sleep ..
    NUTRITION - big minefield of controversy I personally am behind a plant-based diet ..
    This upcoming documentary backed by Producers Arnold Schwarzenegger & Jackie Chan ..
    Check it out ✌️ I won't respond in forum to this topic but you are welcome to message me ..
    Find some hobbies to replace the time gained ..

    Start some kind of journal with pen & paper, online here, or both! ..
    Do consider checking out the Respawn program offered here as well ..
    For what little cost think about that return on investment! ..

    Cross-examine other areas in your life you find consuming your time ..
    Excessive consumption is what leads to the time crippling addictions ..
    Replace such excessive consumerism by using your free time to create.
    Our one life, the time that we have is meant for so much more than feeding addictions ..
    You might not identify as an addict and that is fine ..
    If you are here for any reason to quit video games that is still a benefit to you
    Thank you for signing up and joining our united cause to make the most of our time --
    Give this your best and I am sure you will do well :93_punch:
    Welcome to the forums!!

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