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  1. The more great sleep I got on a consistent basis I think is the less boring it seemed to shut down the computer earlier and the more I was looking forward to crawl into bed for more great sleep and also to my evening bath, a little sodoku magazine, evening walk with the sun setting or even just sitting outside. I set an alarm every evening for me to start that winding down routine which really helps immensely to stay on track. This is the path that worked for me and I just wanted to share that.


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  2. Day 95 game detox #3 reflection.

    Special thanks to @Cam Adair, the podcast guy James Good iirc, and also those special guest podcasts you have all been an incredibly helpful voice of reason to bring me to my senses and encourage me to come as far as I have. I have still yet to try the Respawn program though it does still interest me I've heard nothing but good things about it. I mention neuroscientists Andrew Huberman and Matthew Walker down below in the post and they have been doing podcasts with other inspirational content creators I think it would be just fantastic to hear them weigh in at the Gamequitters podcast I feel like the knowledge they possess is most relevant to people like us who are actively working to change our lives for the better.

    This detox has worked out really well for me as it helped me find a total new level of health & energy through one huge asset I have come to know better than ever before in my life - good quality routine sleep-wake cycles.

    Perhaps I got good sleep during my previous game detox periods or at other specific and random times throughout my life but never before had I studied enough about quality sleep to understand just how many things need to come together to wake up feeling well-rested and the sad truth is if you are not feeling well-rested you are probably sleep deprived and need to do something about that. According to neuroscientist Matthew Walker this sleep deprivation thing is REALLY bad for your health and makes you more likely to have big problems with addiction. This is what makes video game addiction so tough to break from my experience I was staying up to random late night/morning hours playing losing sleep and further messing up that circadian rhythm staring at a computer screen during those hours, I was settling for faster more terrible foods and missing meals altogether further messing up circadian rhythm, I was staying inside a lot and not going out for that low solar angle sunlight in morning or evening further messing up circadian rhythm .. you can see the destructive cycle here to your most important tool (sleep) for maintaining good health & fighting off onset of addiction .. Stanford professor and neuroscientist Andrew Huberman has explained it all much better than I can hope to on his podcast but moreover I just want to credit both him and Dr Matthew Walker for freely arming me with such information to apply in all aspects of my life but most importantly here, my detox.

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  3. everything's still going well and have taken quite a bit of podcast notes which seems to be doing me great I feel like I have gotten past the phase of personal development type content now with full interest in applied neuroscience along with investing and entrepreneurship. sure it is still time consuming content but getting the feeling these things will be showing solid results for my efforts I will just have to make sure I start putting action behind it all and not too much later phase out the heavy podcast consumption.

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  4. On 4/26/2022 at 2:00 PM, brayden.jolly said:

    Let me know if you have any questions and what your opinion is about selling the switch. Thanks!

    suppose i would just give the console back to her and spare myself the family drama if that's going to be a thing. if it was a console I had bought I would just throw it away or sell it depending on market value. if I could do it again I would have taken the console apart then stuff it with at least a hundred-rounds of firecrackers and have a bit more fun with it.

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  5. fantastic report! that's all great stuff to hear I think you have a very firm handle on things. Myself lately doing great thank you recently have been taking a bit of notes on neuroscience podcasts regarding sleep / light exposure / circadian rhythm then using some applied science in my life it is so good life is great.

  6. On 5/9/2022 at 9:03 PM, s_nitta said:

    I feel like I'm having to rebuild my daily life in order to find who I am outside of the addiction.

    Well said I feel this way too it's like every so many days, daily if I'm really on top of my game, I do a little bit of maintenance adjusting that daily routine.

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  7. 8 hours ago, Alex1 said:


    My name is Alex and I am addicted to video games. Although I have been able to hold a job for the last four years, gaming has not allowed me to have a healthy life. Everyday I would wake up with just enough time to get to work. After work I would go straight home, play games, go to sleep and repeat. My days off are wasted entirely by video games. I didn't want to have friends because gaming filled that "gap", if you will. I would even skip meals because all I wanted to do was play video games.

    Hello Alex it is great to see you here starting the work to get your life back on track and I wish you the best I believe anyone who commits has the ability to do it and GQ also has a Journal section of the forum as a tool to be of help. I've had addiction issues since childhood and I know that the environment covid created did enable my addiction to resurface though more potently I think my home environment was the stronger enabler. Finding what causes and worsens addiction has been a very complicated thing in my experience but that's not to say the answer can't be reached. I used to have a clear answer for it but it just felt like that answer was coming from emotions of blame and doing me more harm than good but now days I feel that the best answer that serves me is that I was addicted because I was neglecting my own life and growth, things that the very body needs on a daily basis. If you got this far you probably have an idea what all that would all entail. It all makes a huge difference but especially proper restful sleep and maintaining circadian rhythm - gaming addiction is really great at screwing those up.

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  8. On 5/1/2022 at 9:56 PM, EmG said:

    So I guess I'm thinking about coming out of the closet as a gaming addict, though I'm still on the fence.

    with gamer friends? I did that to two friends so far and they avoid me as if I said covid and coughed real bad.

    edit - to be fair I don't go out of my way to visit them these days so really havent given any opportunity to see where else that might go.

  9. On 4/22/2022 at 6:59 AM, sploshbg said:

    Also my mind comes up with excuses that other hobbies are also a waste of time like playing video games, which leads me back to gaming where i feel comfortable.

    not all hobbies are created equal .. some will get you outside, some will make you stronger, some will make you smarter.. do you get sunlight exposure throughout the day? some pretty incredible stuff there ..

    are other aspects of your life suffering because of your really fun game internet hobbies like work / promotions / annual performance reports / energy levels? is your nutrition suffering while you make poor food choices or do you miss meals to do something more fun? do you save any time for exercise and are you exercising when you have the most energy for it? you said you quit video games before but how long did you quit for and was there anything else you could have done to have made it any easier?

    seeing you haven't posted since before Easter you might not see this for awhile but someone else might who is going through the same motions as you, pretty common here really, best wishes.

  10. Excerpt from Lewis Howes School of Greatness Podcast #1204 Eliminate Brain Fog, Increase Your Focus & Control Your Motivation w/Andrew Huberman a neuroscientist and tenured professor of neurobiology and ophthalmology at Stanford University School of Medicine.


    Ultimate Morning Routine for Focus - Andrew Huberman 2022

    I’m curious to know what Andrew’s morning routine is, considering he knows exactly what sets the brain and mind up for optimal performance.

    “I generally get up somewhere between 5:30 AM and 7:00 AM depending on when I went to sleep. I generally [go to sleep] between 10:30 PM and midnight. [After hydrating,] the fundamental layer of health is to set your circadian rhythm, [and] the simplest way is to go outside for 10 minutes and get bright light in your eyes. If you wake up before the sun rises, turn on as many bright lights in your house as possible, but when the sun comes out, get outside and see some sunlight [and try not to] wear sunglasses.” – Andrew Huberman

    Once every 24 hours, our cortisol peaks, but you want that peak to happen early in the day because it sets up alertness for the remainder of the day. If our cortisol peak occurs too late, that can lead to depression, so you want your cortisol “stressed out” at the beginning of the day.

    “What’s cool is, over time, you’ll start to notice the sunlight waking you up more and more. If you miss a day, it’s not the end of the world because it’s a slow integrating system, but don’t miss more than one day. If you live in a very cloudy [area], know that sunlight [and] the photons coming through the cloud cover are brighter than your brightest indoor lights.” – Andrew Huberman

    Sunlight doesn’t only set your circadian rhythm, it also aligns every cell in your body’s 24-hour clock. Imagine if every alarm clock is set to different times, going off non-stop throughout the day? Viewing sunlight helps ensure all the alarms go off simultaneously and prevents you from feeling drained.

    Even waiting two or three hours after waking up to get bright light in your eyes is setting yourself up for a complicated sleep-wake cycle — which can lead to insomnia.


  11. Hello May!  Another game-free month of detox and it's starting to show, I am getting much better sleep at night and here I will tell you how.  I took pretty heavy notes from the Huberman neuroscience podcast on light exposure and sleep mentioned above and started putting it into practice so that now I am getting very comfortable well-rested sleep heeding the notes I took.  With our lives surrounded with technology (such as computers, cell phones, and artificial lighting) it is very important for us learn when not to use such things and to get outside as often as we can allow especially for morning light as that sets the circadian clock.

    April I learned my goal for the month was too soon of a deadline so I reassigned it as a 90 day goal.  Almost another total computer-free weekend but I took time to download podcasts which I listened to and took a lot of notes on.  Having podcasts to listen definitely isn't my idea of a computer-free weekend but at least for this weekend I made the allowance because I deemed the subject I was learning to be important enough for the occasion.

    Today I will play back the podcasts I took notes on just to essentially proofread for any notes I might have written incorrectly or missed.

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  12. Manage stress by habitually going outside, this was a big one for me to finally get through my thick indoor-hobby loving skull and I'm sure many people who gamed heavily since childhood may also be slow to figure this one. Doesn't even need to be a hobby just find some excuses multiple times a day to get outside 10-15 mins and build habits out of it and make it longer if overcast dark sky. This is really doing a lot for me and I can't imagine going back to my reclusive indoor ways I have even been able to quit taking daily sugar and caffeine because those outside breaks have become energizing to me and is more potent. Important to get outside like this for morning, afternoon, and evening while the sun is up I firmly believe.

    Neuroscientists Andrew Huberman and Samer Hattar (and surly others) have explained the benefits much better than I could hope to explain and this is the podcast I heard that made it all click for me, they discuss it together on Huberman Lab #43. Dr. Hattar is a world-renowned expert on how viewing light at particular times adjusts our mood, ability to learn, stress and hormone levels, appetite, and mental health.

  13. On 4/18/2022 at 4:56 PM, Amphibian220 said:

    Good news is that I interrupted the craving by remembering I am in the beginning of an important mission.

    ahhh exactly our mission. the main reason we found ourselves here in the forum it does get easy to lose sight of that mission. I am going to write mine down so I can see it often thanks Amph 👍

  14. 1 hour ago, nils said:

    I also havent bought unhealthy food, especially added sugars, in the last 2-3 weeks.

    nice going i'm fighting this too. instead of adding condiments I've been adding frozen veggies steamed in microwave along with some canned veg and sauerkraut sometimes mixing in a squeezed lime. caffeinated  and non-caffeinated teas are an amazing asset I just have to stop caving in to OTC cookies..

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  15. On 3/2/2022 at 5:50 AM, POGtrick said:

    Not sure what to do I'm a completionist, I like to earn all the trophies in the games I play. However I don't enjoy it as much anymore but still want to do it on the side.

    Calisthenics / Bodybuilding / Strength Training instantly became a favorite you can literally do calisthenics anywhere with no money.

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  16. No computer weekends are being very productive for me I even made it go 3 days last week because it just felt so great without so many digital distractions. I had a ton of little notepad notes I am almost done transcribing elsewhere and even got a movie in. I think one movie per weekend is a good goal to keep and I should be careful not to overdo it because it is really easy to let get out of hand. On top of all of this I have decided I would prefer to fast on the weekend while away from computer so I have even more free time so as I figure it I will decide every week weather to fast one meal, one day, or two days depending on what I feel is best.

    I think it was Alan Goldhamer's interview by Tom Bilyeu I heard that human blood peaks with BDNF "miracle grow" brain growth proteins after 48 hours of fasting and this protein is promoted to be produced through low intensity exercise and the presence of ketones so it is probably best to eat low carb before a fast. One two day fast per month sounds like the goal for me.

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  17. Full moon max gravitational stress inbound. Fought off urge to watch people play games today but this didn't come until found an old bookmarked video of it. I now seem to have purged all internet bookmarks of gaming content. I am also in the process of transcribing useful bookmarks to paper journal for various things such as books I am interested in reading.