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  1. I’m on day 4 and while I’ve thought about games I haven’t really had an overwhelming desire to play. But I have had a lot of thoughts trying to rationalize the situation. By that I mean, thinking “It’s just a video game. Why am I doing this? Doesn’t everyone deserve a hobby? Why is it so wrong for video games to be mine?” Do you guys struggle trying to rationalize why giving up video games isn’t really that important? Given that we all know about the benefits of being more social and more active, how do you deal with those thoughts? Personally, I know myself well enough to know I have an addictive personality. I can’t just play for one hour a day or something like that. I really feel for me it’s either give it up or be all in.
  2. Good luck, Diego! I'm with you on exercising. I just did my first really intense exercise for the first time in a while tonight and I'm so beat I don't think I would play right now even if I hadn't committed to stopping. I didn't know about the cold turkey program, but out of sight out of mind definitely is helping me.
  3. Hi all, I'm at the end of my day 2 as I write this. I really appreciated the kind words on my introduction post so I figured I'd take everyone's suggestion of doing a journal. Happy to say I had a strong day 2. Had a very busy day at work that kept me distracted. I also picked up an old hobby, a martial arts class, and started doing that again tonight. I'm totally out of shape and pretty rusty, but I feel good about exercising, forcing myself out of my comfort zone into a room full of strangers, and found that the class also got me super distracted, not just from games, but from life's problems in general. It feels amazing to have spent the night doing something healthy and productive like that class rather than playing games. The funny thing is I'm less bothered by not playing games, and more bothered by giving up YouTubers and Twitch streamers that I've loved for years. I never thought I was so attached to them, but not watching them feels akin to saying goodbye to a good friend. Either way, I know it'll be for the best to replace them with *actual* friends so that is what I aim to do. For anyone else who is super anxious about trying to meet people, I strongly recommend finding a martial arts class or some other physical group activity. You say hi and you just go. No need to deal with awkward chit chat to break the ice, which helped me a lot. My other piece of advice is once you find something you think you'll like: just do it. Don't give yourself time to think of an excuse to back out.
  4. So on a whim the other night, I googled “give up video games” and found an interview Cam had done with a former addict. What struck me was them saying they had nothing to talk about with other people because they just played games. That hits closer to home than I’d like to admit. After watching more of Cam’s videos, I decided I need to move past video games. As the title says, I’ve done this once before. Years ago I was seriously addicted to World of Warcraft. I don’t just mean I played a lot, I mean becoming really upset by the internet going out or by the idea of not being able to play for an extended period of time. Not wanting to go to dinner with family because of some event that was happening online. On weekdays, it was all I thought about at school. I never got into trouble with my grades because of WoW, but I definitely could have done a lot better if I didn’t waste so much time on it. Anyways, I did eventually kick it cold turkey and lost interest in the game so much that when I revisited it years later, I got bored after a few hours. Nowadays, I’ve been much more into single player console games. And I just had the epiphany last night that I’m spending all this time (and money) and it’s not adding any value to my life. In ten years, nobody is going to care if I got the Persona 5 platinum trophy, so why have I wasted 200+ hours trying to get it? It’s also kept me from having a healthy social life because I don’t take up opportunities to go out or do stuff with people. Last night I put all my video games and consoles away as well as any items that would remind me of it. As I was doing this I got a bit depressed. I’ve watched the same gaming related YouTube channel for years. Like clockwork I would always immediately watch that’s channel’s weekly video every week without fail. It hit me that I would have to stop if I’m serious about this. That’s also why I’m joining the forum, because I imagine you guys can relate to that feeling. Putting something away that has been such a huge part of you for so long is a scary feeling. I’m also really concerned about the boredom factor but am hoping to re-engage with friends who had been inviting me to do stuff as well as pick up some new skills and hobbies. I’m writing this post at the end of my day 1. Here’s to reaching day 90 and beyond.
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