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  1. Day 90 (technically) 90 days ago I got fired because of gaming and made up my mind to do this 90 detox. Now I have finished the probationary period at a new job, and am have been more present to my family. While I still want to game somewhat, I'm much more in control then I would have been 3 months ago. I also picked up a paycheck yesterday that means the end of credit card debt! I'm working on moving out still, but the housing market is somewhat painful rn (although with university students moving out around now, maybe something will open up) I have nearly 400 saved up to put towards some fun stuff like a keyboard, and I'm looking forwards to trying some creative streaming/public speaking. Maybe I can convince some of my old friends to try a detox. I'm going to keep hanging out around here, and see what differences I can make, I probably won't be available much until mid May (I have a university class to finish before then) but I'm excited to see how life goes moving forwards. Peace ?
  2. I mean, weekly meetups with friends sounds like a positive. I ask yourself some other questions here instead, such as; 'Do I allow my weekly meeting to spill over and distract me from other activities or important events' and 'Do I prioritize my meetups to such an extent that I'm seeing negative impacts on my health or mental state' The verdict is that we want everyone to achieve success in finding the best version of themselves, and honestly a recurring event like this can help vastly when we have troubles making plans to be social. I'd be careful if they are online not to get too sucked into your other 'self', as some people use that (moreso with MMO's like WoW) as a form of potent escapism
  3. Honestly, I think you know the answer Also not your first time asking You've been coming by about once a year, but not seeming to make progress. Here's a video Cam linked: https://gamequitters.com/proposed-criteria-video-game-addiction/ Take your time, but we do hope you come to terms with, and overcome this addiction. Cheering you on!
  4. As a 18+ individual I wholeheartedly agree with Cam's statement. When I moved out is when gaming first took over, and it forced me to move back home. And then it became a big point of conflict between my father and I, which sucks.
  5. @Danforient Its more of a anti-addiction group. Many (if not most) gamers waste waaayyyyy too much time on games, so the goal of the community/90 day detox is to release people from the inane desire to play more and more. If people can actually play in moderation, we say good for them. Just addicts generally can't moderate well so we try we recommend they just give up gaming entirely. Also as James said, we look for positive ways to replace time wasters such as mindless browsing or gaming. Being focused on the real world helps bring everything together.
  6. Happy to hear that you're feeling better ? And while it isn't in a row (yet) CONGRATZ ON 90! I'm an open ear should you ever need to talk I'm supposed to be giving a Gospel reflection come Tuesday, and I'm having some trouble thinking of what to talk about. I think I had a good idea earlier while I was at work, but seems it got left behind in the dish pit or the like ? Have a good day! We're all rootin fer ya!
  7. Thanks for the prayers haha! And the overthinking 'sending the wrong message' is totally a thing I get, my current 'relationship' goal, is to devote the following year to growing closer to God, but I definitely feel I've sent the wrong message to one of my friends ? Praying a lot for my other friend who's going on a mission year next year, missing people is totally my favourite... Also remember that we're supposed to take breaks and have fun, as long as all ifs for the glory of God, playing sports with your friends is definitely a good, so long as it doesn't take over your life. Nice to see someone using text emotes ie. HYPERS lmao, I'll definitely keep checking in
  8. Just read your whole journal ? It was awesome to realize how many Christians are fighting their way back towards God from gaming, its all too easy to feel alone. I'll be praying for you, and keep up the good work!
  9. @Phinxx It is okay to game. Long run short run, there are studies that prove it helps with some areas of our cognition. BUT! Make sure that internet use as a whole is a bottom priority. Surfing, checking social media, and being mindless are what lead to this deterioration of the mind. Set limits for yourself for the gaming, and make sure the internet use is purposeful, like I check my e-mail at 900, 1300, and 1800 hours and thats it or, I allow myself 2 hours after the kids are in bed whereas I can use screens, be it for gaming or social media, and stick to such a schedule. If you have trouble maintaining limits, that is one of the biggest hints of an addiction, so I'd strongly recommend doing the 90 day detox even if you just grumble about said limits. Also heres another cool article https://medium.com/thrive-global/you-make-or-break-your-life-between-5-7-am-a7f4125e1326
  10. Day something + 1/2 Since I'll likely forget to post tomorrow, I'll post today instead. Work was decent, spent quite awhile chatting with my one co-worker (work was pretty dead) and that was nice. Also spent some time training/working with the new employee, and he's pretty chill and works hard. Phone is def's fixed for now, screen works when its cold out and everything! Hopefully the company gets back to me by next week, working towards a career will make the difference between my upcoming year being fulfilling or another time waster as the previous two have been, not saying I didn't learn anything or that they weren't valuable years, but that I made little progress towards my future career, and until I've made at least some, I can't progress on some lifetime goals. I'm hopefully going to be doing some volunteering tonight, with a boys group/club? I'm hoping to have some good conversations on the drives, as well as make a difference in some peoples days. Bedtime here I come!
  11. Day something! I started this back near the beginning of January, so its been almost two months now! Today was pretty good, saw a couple friends, got a coffee, got my phone fixed ? Got a letter from my uncle, I'll have to call him soon. Finally reapplied at a company I've been interested in for about a year. (Last time I had an interview we cancelled it because my arm was in a sling, and half the job is overhead work. My arm has been better for months, but I've been questioning whether I actually wanted the job or if it was a fad)\ Had a tasty coffee at a new shop, and now I'm heading off to work after supper with the family. Have a good day everyone!
  12. An article someone shared in the forums recently could shed some light on how your gaming (moreso internet) could lead to the lack of interest in other activities such as reading: https://nosurf.org/2018/08/28/how-the-internet-changes-your-brain/ Im about 3 chapters in to the book mentioned within, and its pretty cool
  13. I'd like to ask a rhetorical here. When stuff comes up while you're gaming, do you drop the gaming on a pin, or do you grumble about having to leave, being unable to pause, how it will make you 'lose' the match; or do you truly place gaming as a sidenote to your life, and take care of what pops up? Now I'm not suggesting some discomfort or annoyance is illegitimate, just trying to get the thought ball rolling. Gaming truly can be a hobby where people find some growth and enjoyment without being a waste of time, however for many people it isn't possible to keep it in the background, and it takes control of the time we ration for it. (Myself included) For most things in my life, I've found myself to be a moderator, however with gaming specifically, I have difficulty controlling myself. Whether that's because I started gaming during the onset of my depression or some other cause I don't know, I just know that I'm not myself when I allow anytime for gaming on my own. When I play with people I know IRL, especially if I'm in the same room as them (think Mario Kart) gaming is harmless as a board game, but alone it fatigues me and I've lost at least a couple jobs (and failed a few classes) because of such
  14. I'm back again! Work has continued to be a drain on me, emotionally physically and spiritually, but at least I'm making money. I've finally done some work towards my university class, it started in December and I have until the end of May to finish it, but I'd barely made any progress over the past 3 months. All I did was print off my assignments and put them next to my laptop so far, but it's a start as well as an increased reminder to work on it. One boon I didn't mention in my last post was that as I was playing video games, my (now 5 year old) laptop decided it didn't want to run them anymore, so the temptation has mostly departed from me. I had an awesome conversation with one of my guy friends last night, as we drove home from hearing a speaker, and celebrating one of our community members birthdays. Hopefully I can find a more fulfilling job soon, as well as a place to live. Don't give up guys! Addiction says 'you failed already so just try again next week, next month, next year' it tries to tell you that 2 days must become a week, a week must become a month. HOWEVER! You can always start again, even seconds after failing you can be back on track, because while everyone falls down, the real reason we fight is to get back up again no matter what. We got this! ?
  15. I procrastinated posting real bad I'm sorry everybody! The moving thing kinda failed, (The last person to look at the house before the owner would let us sign decided to sign superfast). Still looking for a house! I played some video games in the past week. Nothing excessive, but I hid it from pretty much everybody around me. The whole point of this was to return gaming to be a moderate enjoyable social activity. When I'm hiding from my family and friends, it becomes a destructive habit that I need to leave in the past. Work has gotten worse over the past few weeks, but the volunteering I did was positively amazing! Thankfully my co-workers are kind and amiable. Waking up at 9 has gotten harder as I'm finding I need more time to wind down before I can go to bed, but I'm sleeping better. Time to start job hunting again though, because I don't know how long my mental health can last if I stay here. So I'll be talking to two people about apprenticeships in the next week or two. John
  16. @karabas well said, focussing on myself as a flawed being has hurt me a lot. Taking things one at a time is bearable. Like the old saying, how does one eat an elephant? One bite at a time
  17. Yo I was actually talking with some of my friends last night and apparently they do make them! not quite as violent as that, but they tip your bed until you fall out LOL Im actually going to buy the little bed shaker @karabas mentionned
  18. Day 27 Also gunna be a little short. Last night with house hunting with my friends and after weeks of searching we've found a house we like, so might be moving really soon. Had a doctor's appointment this morning (it was supposed to be yesterday but I slept in ?) DAY 4 OF: Waking up at 9 am and sleeping in my bed instead of on the floor! Day 30-something of no videogames! I made cheesecake from scratch last night (it wasn't sweet enough, but it made a good breakfast) like an orange cheese quiche almost I'm done my three day vacation and won't have much time off for the next while, once the weather warms up I need to talk with a Red Seal chef about a possible apprenticeship, and I have my volunteering with the boys camp next weekend. It's my moms birthday on monday so I'm happy monday tuesday are my standard days off ? Love you guys! Thanks for the support ? John
  19. Day 25 I'm just going to write this one short since I keep procrastinating. Good few days, got some stuff done, put this off like 8 times. Wrote something here so hopefully i do more tomorrow. Peace ? John
  20. Day 2-? No idea what day im on anymore I've been sick the past few days, and am slowly getting better. Work had been sucking, slow hours plus being sick; today was good however. continuing with the men's challenge, but haven't had much chance to connect with other men about it. Still pretty tired. Have 3 days off in a row after tomorrow though, so I'm going to look into visiting a friend. Thanks for reading ? John
  21. JPAO


    Welcome to the forum! Somewhere around here there's a fairly large list of hobbies you can look to pick up. Feel free to look around and such, ask yourself what gaming is to you/in your life and it will help you to figure out something to replace it with (or multiple things). As for waking up a bit earlier, it's often best to pick a single wake-up time and stick to it every day. (I have a lot of trouble with this one) Here's an article about waking up in the morning https://medium.com/thrive-global/you-make-or-break-your-life-between-5-7-am-a7f4125e1326 Hope I helped somewhat ? Once again welcome to the community
  22. Day 20 I guess Went to a men's conference over the weekend (hence my lack of posts) and have been busy with work and househunting since I got back Stuff is pretty good, and I went to my first concert ever. Part of the conference was joining a 30 day challenge of sorts, so im on day 3 of that as well now I'm exhausted since I had to work monday for a co-worker and tuesday as normal, both shifts until 3 am, I should probably ask him if he could cover my shift tonight I have my next appointment with my counselor tomorrow, and need to pick up a form so I can volunteer Sorry for the absence, still going strong Love y'all John
  23. I was at an 800ish person conference over new years and lost my sunglasses as well, I know the pain ? I'd just retrieved them from having left them at a friends months earlier too
  24. Day 15 Got up around noon, drove my sister to her friends house. Hung out with my brother and his friends all afternoon, but finished my course and talked to my manager. The real-estate dude finally got back to us and the house isn't available, so we're back to the hunt. Worked, and now am home. Life is good