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  1. Many of the stories and comments I read are by 17+ former game-addicts who have managed to get some awareness that there is or was a problem. Well done to you all! As a parent of a 15-year old boy who spends every minute of free time on a screen (mostly games such as Fortnite) and denies there is an issue with that, do I have to wait until he eventually tires out of gaming (in a couple of years, hopefully) and get a hold on it, or is there another way to create awareness about the negative effects now and in the long run. We try to engage him in other activities, with some success, but in the end, he always want to go back to gaming until I have to stop him, with the usual anger outbursts that follow. Do I have to wait with any kind of detox until he is ready and willing to participate? Is going cold turkey by taking away the computer a solution, all be it a drastic one because it leads to serious withdrawal symtoms? I would be very interested in hearing from parents or former gamers who have gone through or dealing with the same and how they managed to create awareness.