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  1. Day 4-5,

    Still doing well, still wasting a lot of time reading and just hanging out (have schoolwork to do, as well as people to talk to that i keep putting off)

    No progress on the job hunt so far, but with the climate right now, its to be expected.

    Have a wonderful day people,


  2. Day 2-3,

    Havent broken any of my rules yet, and have been spending more time with my brothers and parents. 

    On 3/27/2020 at 6:17 AM, BooksandTrees said:

    Unfortunately, I think the consequences if relapse cause the pain to permanently remind us of what we feel. I may have only relapsed once in my diary, but I've been trying to quit since 2008. It's a long process and I'm thankful to be here. 

     I find this statement to be very truthful, and its the type of pain that takes some time to burn through. My issue was the slow but sure dissolving of my time being dedicated towards gaming, and the resulting depression (which started as unnoticeable, but over the past months has grown out of hand). Last time I had quit until September, when I switched careers due to a lay off and had more free time on my hands. Im hoping to get back into work shortly here, and hope that correcting my sleep schedule during these other times will help once demand returns!

    Thanks for commenting and welcoming me back @BooksandTrees and @Captain_Pilz always great to be reminded how welcoming it is 🙂


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  3. Although not the best idea, Im likely to curl up and watch a show or something tonight rather then spend the time doing something creative. Tomorrow starts the arduous process of building new habits, finding new hobbies, and learning to love life as it is

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  4. Hey everyone, Im back.

    I decided to see if I could game in moderation starting about 4 months ago, and it turned into a full on relapse. I ended up back on a team, and I quit today.

    I feel bad about giving my friends short notice, but know I need to go on with my life, and that without the distraction of gaming, Ill be better off. 

    I have no idea how this is going to go, and as its a fresh wound (quitting 20 minutes ago) i know it will be hard. This time, Im moving forwards, changing passwords and giving away accounts I can to others who will use them. 


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  5. Day 38?

    Been working heavy hours, volunteered at a boys camp for a week, and generally been sleeping a lot more, also going out a lot.

    Sorry for posting less often then mayhaps I should, but being able to vent/talk every once in awhile is still nice.

    I have been slowly improving at work, moving faster and faster until i wear myself out by Friday, then I recover over the weekend. Hoping to be used to the labour before fall arrives in full force. 

    Johno back again ?

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  6. Day 12- 16

    Worked out of time all week, was pretty good, but leaves you tired, practicing waking up real early today since I leave once again on the 2 hour drive.

    Spent the day hanging out with my friend and volunteering a bit which was awesome! Today looks to be involved with packing and buying groceries for the week

    Life is weird folks


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  7. Day 10-11

    Meal prep family time and then work, lots of driving today

    Packing because im driving 2 hours tomorrow to start work at 7, will be in a hotel the rest of the week

    Kinda excited kinda just normal tbh

    Cya soon ?


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  8. Day 8-9

    Worked out at the camp which was pretty cool, we built a cage and fixed up a deck. Went over to another friends house after work on Friday and had a couple beers/talked until 1 am. Woke up about 9 this morning and then hung out for a little prior to leaving again and finishing up out work. Heading to my cousins for supper in a few minutes here (have some paperwork to complete for next week to do first). 

    Feeling pretty good, but a little lonely.



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  9. Day 7

    Work was once again pretty enjoyable, encountered many burrs today, and as is normal had the same lunch as always and grabbed Booster Juice on my way home from work (9-10 hours of physical labour + protein sounds like a good idea to me). My brother is having friends over for a BBQ today, and it's kind of fun to be around. I'm cleaning the basement because my grandparents are coming over tomorrow for a few days, and they'll be using it. Plan on helping a friend build something for a camp that I volunteer at tomorrow after work, and then we'll probably hang out and have a few beer afterwards ?

    Peace ?


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  10. Day 6

    Work was good, my meal prep is starting to grow on me. Bought new gloves today which is fun ?

    Im not sure what to talk about on here rn since mostly I just wake up early work all day, eat supper with fam shower and go to bed

    Maybe the weekend will be more interesting for y'all


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  11. Day 3-5

    Migraine week ended on Sunday, and I went to lunch-ish and a movie with a friend.  

    Monday I started my new job, the 12 hour days are nice, but take a lot of time

    Today it decided to rain which wasn't fun, but otherwise, it was good ?

    Cya later guys

  12. Day 2

    This is day 3 of migraine week, and as such have been lethargic all day. I also ended up sleeping through my alarms, and missed a hike because of it. It would have been a good opportunity to spend time with friends, as well as say goodbye to a couple who are leaving on Monday.

    Going to a movie with my family tonight ?

    Movie was good, realizing post that I'd never submitted this.


  13. I'm back!

    Starting an actual career job now, and seeing how well taking 90 days off gaming at the start of the last one went, I'm doing it again ?

    This time I'm also going to be looking into my diet, cutting out extra fats and carbs, and switching processed sugar like pop for natural sugars like fruit.

    That along with re-trying to complete my daily prayers and use the gift these detox's are to build good habits again.


    Looking forwards to talking with you all again,


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  14. Day 25

    Just got off work. Ended up sleeping almost all day after staying up too late on social media the night before. Missed an opportunity to help my mom out and to do some repair work on my van that I have to do tomorrow now ?

    Will do better tomorrow

    I am not a gamer

  15. Day 22

    Weird day, worked night shift last night and didn't get to sleep until about 4 am. Then I drove my sister to her piano exam at 8 am and napped in the car. Went to work again at 4 and was supposed to close, but got told by my manager that they didn't actually need me anymore so got off at 6. Volunteered with a boys club until 9 and then got home

    I am not a gamer

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  16. Day 20

    Time to post another journal, ended up sleeping a lot today, then made supper (my sister's birthday) and went to my normal Tuesday event. Drove the carpool this time. Not many people showed up so we had a lowkey evening and ended up playing a board game at a member's place. 

    Was playing some games again and had trouble articulating why with my dad. I get sucked into games almost like books; they take over my thoughts and it makes it very hard for me to think about other things until I finish the round. I'm generally a smart person, but I feel unable to put down multiplayer games mid game unless something serious comes up. Maybe it's time to recognize most distractions as serious in comparison to games.

    I think Im going to steal this from @dahankus

    I am not a gamer

  17. Yup!

    Hang around here, and try not to lead a double life, we are here to help each other out! When we fall away from our goals or play too much we need to let people know, hold ourselves accountable.

    Hope to see you around!


  18. @Sapuverell It's more of a mental health thing, I have troubles with anxiety and depression (The onset of which was unluckily a couple months before I discovered video games and likely led to my addictive state).

    I'm often scared to use my time, I'm very much so a perfectionist so I worry that if I don't help out perfectly everything is going to go wrong and that it's my fault. So to answer the question, yes in a sense, I am too selfish. I'm too concerned with helping perfectly to the point that I often just don't help at all.

    Hope that helps haha

  19. Welp I neglected this one too ? 

    Day 18 ig

    Not doing the best with this new challenge I've set forth on, I've been more worried about my own future and goals to focus and help others out (even if its just one ordinary act of kindness out of the usual a day) Gotta keep working at it!


  20. Whenever I see the term Relational Evangelism I can't help but think about Missionary Dating OmegaLUL

    (Reminds me of a couple past relationships that did not work out, however I did get the one to start going to church and the other to start praying so maybe it works better then I thought it did)

    Anyways, its good to see you still going strong brother, keep up the good work!

  21. Day 1-4

    Sorry about not posting here (was starting to look like my previous journal again ahhhh); I was doing volunteer work with my parish around downtown. It was pretty awesome, we went and talked to people on the street asking them if we could pray for them and stuff, and we did a food drive and a variety of other services over the 4 days. Also a lot of my close friends were with the group as well, and the opportunity to see them so often was pretty awesome. 

    I'm still a little tired, but I guess when you get to sleep before 2am, you wake up pretty early as well haha.

    Have a happy Easter everyone!

    Love y'all ?

    God Bless

  22. We often forget that there's actually a whole second side of Twitch dedicated to creative streamers (music, art, editing, dancing, etc. ) and while that's super cool, our big thing is cutting back on addiction and mindless browsing. Watching a specific like game streamer, can basically be like playing the game ourselves, especially if its a game we played before we started our detox. I find personally, that while watching twitch is still kinda fun, watching the streamers I used to watch often leads me to want to jump back into gaming, whereas when I watch streamers who are brand new to me its a lot easier (when I avoid any of my old games it helps even more then avoiding the old streamers). Mostly I end up using it to chat with personal friends who stream nowadays.

    Overall opinion: Twitch is a website that people use to find entertainment and I think that's pretty awesome. However when game addicts use a site covered in gaming, it becomes extremely easy to just join in on the 'fun' and then relapse. If you're serious about trying to finish a 90 day detox, or quit gaming, I'd suggest avoiding Twitch for at least the first month, if not the whole 90 days. 

    Best of luck with everything!

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  23. Hello people,

    I 'finished' my previous journal, and while somewhat satisfied with it, miss writing entries (seems odd considering how few I actually made)

    So time for #2 and this one will be a little different. Rather then a journal about a 90 day detox, and how I felt and such, I think I'm going to write this one about things I do for others, so #2 will be 90 days of charity towards others. Not sure how it'll go, seeing as I'm a foolish proud person who sucks at being vulnerable, but maybe it'll work out. Since I didn't do anything out of my ordinary today, I'll be starting tomorrow

    Day 0

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