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  1. I want to quit

    90 days.

    Also this is Day 5 of nogaming, and productivity is rising!
  2. I want to quit

    90 days.

    Soo, I got the cube that i wanted, this will be my hobby for quite some time!
  3. I want to quit

    90 days.

    Thanks for the support! Today was a free day originally, but I go to a place for studying on 5 pm to 10 pm
  4. I want to quit

    15 year addiction

    Good luck!
  5. I want to quit

    90 days.

    Thanks guys so much for the support- such a great community- I will start day 2 of nogaming and start less youtube! I got another plan as well which is going to remove most of my free times on 2 days- 🙂
  6. I want to quit

    90 days.

    TBH I just want to throw my phone away, but gaming and youtube is kinda an secretive thing to my family, so idk what to tell when my parents ask why you wanna throw away the phone
  7. I want to quit

    90 days.

    Thanks for the reply! 1- but when I quit gaming, i just watch youtube when I am trying to not play games, and that deters me from studying. I agree that it's really hard to quit youtube, but i think I have to do it, i don't have much time left. But I will definitely remove all my google accounts to one, and delete all 300 subs. 2-I play mobile games, and watch youtube on mobile, do you know a free app that blocks particular apps? thanks 3- I know I shouldn't be sad, but I relapsed over 10 times, and I can't afford to fail more, I have to do it within this month..
  8. I want to quit

    90 days.

    I'm sad, my gaming friends kept asking to install pubg, so i did thinking it was okay to do it... but i knew it was wrong... I gamed for 3 days, and i am really sad, here we go again, day 0
  9. I want to quit

    90 days.

    I know those programs, but i usually view them on mobile, and most blocking apps cost real money to use effectively.. But thanks for helping 🙂
  10. I want to quit

    90 days.

    Day 2, aka day 0 :( I started this day well and i was about to do well, until 8 30 PM when i got to youtube and watched 2.5 hours of videos till 11 PM, I feel really bad right now :( I'm going to keep trying, I also really wanted to play pubgM, but i luckily got out of that... ;( but i am so disappointed in myself for watching youtube when i said i would quit youtube as well. :(
  11. I want to quit

    The Person I want to be

    Nice, good luck!
  12. I want to quit

    90 days.

    By the way, i live in south korea and had rubik's cubes as a hobby. I had around 40 of them but i lost them, and as i lost them all i quit that hobby and did gaming for 2.5 years. I ordered another cube and it's arriving soon; i'm happy to find my old but gold hobby back 😄
  13. I want to quit

    90 days.

    Thanks! Day 1 So far everything has been good, because i am so occupied on mondays, wednesdays, and fridays, that i don't get to game or get distracted. The only time i get to be distracted is after school for 1 hours I am writing this after school because I don't have time at night to write this on mon, wed, and fridays 😞 I have 1 hours from now, I am going to solve math problems before my math academy (4:30 PM to 11:00 PM) Good afternoon and good night! 89 days.
  14. I have discord, I can help (but i am 14) I'm not immature though
  15. I want to quit

    Should i get a gaming laptop ?

    If you can control yourself with a gaming laptop, go for it, but if not, then buy laptops that are not macbooks, like razer ones and stuffs Don't really recommend mac- People say it's good for work, but tbh windows laptops are good too, and you don't want to get in the 'apple ecosystem'