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  1. Hey! I want to plan my exercise in August (running and pushups). I’m not sure if I’m going to use an app or just good old pen & sheet of paper, but in case I’m using an app, which one should I try, and why? What does “it” have that a piece of paper doesn’t? Thanks!
  2. Constant self-awareness can turn into an obsession. In this case, I’d go for anxious/hypocondric behaviour, but I’m not a professional, I just suffer from some mental diseases myself and can relate a bit to what you wrote. Teens are very exposed to mental and personality disorders. I could tell you to go and see a professional psychologist but in my experience they’re no good, and they’re expensive. If you have caring parents, and it looks like you do, I’d talk to them first about your fears. Just my 2 cents. I hope you get better mate ?
  3. UPDATE (long post) Today I miss gaming a lot. I noticed this pattern: I only miss gaming when I’m anxious for my exams. I replaced gaming with study in the last months, so when I’m approaching an exam (next one is in 4 days) I start craving for videogames. Videogames were my escape, and my new escape is study, so when STUDY is the problem, I have nowhere to go. But I want to have at least 1 year of detox under my belt before even thinking of gaming in moderation, if ever. - I gained weight. I’m quite chubby and I can’t wear some of my old clothes. That’s good, I’ll use it as an excuse to go running this August. One of my goals will be running every day. I think I’ll have some pushups too. - I spend less time on the vaping websites (I failed my goal of not using them...) - I’m thinking about my career more and more, every day. I know that what I am studying (humanities, modern literature) probably won’t give me a job. Or will give me a bad one: unsatisfying and low wage. The only job that would satisfy me would be becoming a professor in university, but that’s what 0.1% of graduates manage to land. I can’t take the risk. And I don’t feel fit for it anyway. Other realistic options are teaching in school (a lot of free time is a good thing but everything else sucks) or a master in Human Resources and then working for a company (I probably wouldn’t like it). I thought of switching my career to IT engineering. Graduating in 3 years and have good jobs with above average wages that will make me 100% independent from other people’s whims. But my parents say that I’ll need to get a job and pay for it, if I really wish to do so. They’ll help me with some money, but I’ll have to pay for most of it. Engineering requires a lot of time (expecially considering my background, I know nothing about science) and constant presence in class (can’t study it at home for the most part). They said, finish your current degree and then we’ll see. I’m ok with what I’m studying, I’m passionate about it, but I don’t want to become a loser with a shitty job and a low wage. Also, I’m 23 and I’m relatively young, but after I finish my current degree I’ll be 25 or 26, and it will probably be LATE for asking my parents to economically finance other 3 years of university. Even if they are quite rich they have 3 sons (I’m the oldest) and they won’t pay for me. And anyway they already helped me a lot, I’m not entitled to asking for anything. I can’t see the way out.
  4. You started this journey because you want to become a better person and have the life you dream of. What are you willing to sacrifice in order to get there? Are you 100% committed to it? It’s day 3 and I know it’s hard (I spent my first week of detox on the sofa watching tv) give yourself the time to be bored. You’ll start to explore your options, find things you like and you won’t regret it. Missing out on your addiction is the definition of quitting. Stick to your plan: no gaming content. Wish you luck mate
  5. There’s no rule about activities! Try reading or art, if after doing it you feel rested, then it’s a resting activity. It’s as easy as that ? Also, welcome to the community.
  6. @stablish already had a look at the code. The tool I posted was written with a software that’s not available anymore + other problems.
  7. I understand. Congrats for your 90 days ^^
  8. How do you feel, energy-wise?
  9. I think it’s possible. The italian vaping forum svapo.it has the same code of this website (well at least the same interface, I know nothing about code), and they have the function. Here it is: https://www.svapo.it/tools/svapometro/ It measures the days since last cigarette smoked & money saved
  10. Day 90 So, 3 months without cigarettes. I already started to reduce the nicotine content of my vape and I plan to take it to 0. I’m also close to 180days of no videogames. This wasn’t a good journal, I just talked about academics and vaping all the time. But maybe that’s what I needed to focus on during the last months. I hope everyone else is doing fine. I’ll go back to reading your journals and partecipating more sooner or later. Right now I don’t feel like doing it and I don’t want to force it.
  11. Cigarettes 90days detox is almost over, but yesterday & today I got urges to play League of Legends. I don’t have anything to do this weekend, I’m too tired for studying. I would gladly try and play some league, but I’m scared. After all it’s been just 5-6 months sice I quit. I really don’t know what’s the right thing to do... Part of me says there’s nothing wrong in playing, but another part of me is scared of going back to the pitfall of desperation I left not too much time ago. What if I can’t control it? What if I lose my mental freedom? I don’t know...
  12. I can relate to everything you wrote. That trap of waking up every morning forgetting the misery of yesterday... all of us know it too well. Welcome here, and congratulations for taking action against your addiction. I suggest you to try a 90 day detox, it’s the easy way.
  13. Tom, thanks a lot. I didn’t answer because the dinner didn’t happen. I’ll save your advice for next occasion (probably next weekend). So, many things happened since my last post but right now I need to focus on my next exam, on friday. I am spending way too much time and energy browsing vaping websites until late in the night, enough is enough. It’s a major time sink and I’m tackling it. GOAL BROWSE NO (zero, nein, not at all) VAPING WEBSITES FROM NOW UNTIL 29th OF JUNE, STARTING NOW
  14. C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S Glad you made it! Two fast things before I need to run very quickly because the university canteen is going to close and I won’t have dinner 1 Nobody choses to be an addict. So true. But: people MUST CHOSE to STOP being addicted. The problem with addiction is that it works only one way. Congrats for CHOSING to stop. 2 Stopping by instead of being tunnelvisioned and going back home. I really admire you for this because this is probably the main problem I have right now. I am - or I think I am - so busy that I never spend time with people. Happy for you because you didn’t lose that chance. I’m out, congrats again & take care
  15. I’m in a very similar position to you, I feel I can relate to most of the things you write: focus on career, no real friends, didn’t game for a long time. Anyway, congrats for your achievements!
  16. Nice to have you here. Posting your journal consistently every day will help you go through the hard times. Quitting videogames can be a massive improvement in your life, so first of all congratulations for your decision. Rotting in the gaming comfort zone is just another way of meeting the truck unprepared. There’s no tricks for escaping, treating it as a serious matter and not some kind of afterthought is enough, and you’ve already taken a very good first step in that direction. So, welcome to the community :)
  17. Because I’m an introvert who doesn’t know how to small talk and/or be funny. I just need friends I guess
  18. Day 62 I got invited for dinner by two young researchers/professors through my gf and a friend of mine. It’s next weekend. I know I should accept because I need friends badly. I can’t just go on being alone forever. But I have this feeling it’s gonna end terribly. I’m just scared I will be uneasy and have to pretend to be having a nice time until late in the night. Any advice now would be very welcome
  19. Day 61 I discovered this subreddit called “braincels”. Spent hours going through it. So much self-hatred is painful to read. I’m grateful to be part of the GameQuitters community, a place where we incite each other to improve our lives, not hang ourselves or kill random people. Thanks everyone for this beautiful community we have here. Going back to uni city. Skipped lesson today. Also, I woke up late today and yesterday. My main goal for tomorrow is waking up early and live a meaningful day.
  20. Day 59 I’ll take the weekend for relaxing. Actually, I’ so focused on university that I’m studying also when I am supposed to be relaxing, eg today on the beach or yesterday night until 1 AM, but that’s just because studying is slowly becoming again what it was when I started, 5 years ago: a passion, a search for knowledge, the ultimate goal. Studying mostly doesn’t feel as a burden anymore. I’m proud of myself. Today I received a mail from Riot Games. Some ingame event is ENDING SOON, I need to login fast!!!! lol get lost riot games, you blackhearted drug dealers
  21. I live and believe in the university, I got 0 problems with lecturing. Thanks again
  22. Hey @JustTom, thanks. Yes, I often have this problem that I feel judged, but more often I just feel uneasy for another reason. I’m the judgemental one. I don’t like to be with people that I find boring, uninteresting. I often prevent that by completely staying away from people but this way I end up feeling alone which is way worse. I understood just now for the first time in my life that there are only two possible scenarios when I meet other people: 1 I find them boring or stupid and I judge them 2 I find them interesting and I feel judged, I do my best to impress them instead of being spontaneous There’s no middle ground for me, all my life I spent time with people that I don’t like too much, that I feel somehow superior to, because whenever I meet people that in my head are worth something, I feel judged, I feel they are “too much” for me. I’m sincerely thankful to you for helping me to understand this very important thing.
  23. Day 57 Yesterday I put a cigarette in my mouth without lighting it. I mean, I often “put cigarettes in my mouth” without lighting them. my friends often ask me to roll a cigarette for them if their hands are busy, and I have no problem doing so because I am done with cigarettes and they don’t scare me. But yesterday I put a cigarette in my mouth because I wanted to taste the tobacco and I was missing it for just a minute. I didn’t light it, but a part of me wanted to. I am not going to light any cigarette for the rest of my life. It’s the right thing to do. Almost 2 months without smoking. I see great health and energy benefits. I’m happy about it.
  24. Day 56 Don’t know what to do today. I’d like to take a couple days off but I’ll do that in the weekend. I’m sitting on a chair in the library’s garden, doing nothing. Just the thought of studying gives me a headache right now. Guess I’ll keep sitting here until something happens.
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