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  1. i feel that the internet and video games need to evolve. first off, too many people post public information on the internet that cant be taken down. this leads to them being dox'd and their lives ruined as if they actually committed a crime. i personally think there needs to be extreme regulation on the internet. when it comes to video games and people making youtube channels with 100000000000's of videos of them playing call of duty etc. i think this is honestly one of the worst times in history to live in. just with technology the way it is. fake friends. people on instagram and twitter and other stupid shit. i know some kids who literally tweet nonstop about 5sos and other band etc. they say youth is wasted on the young and now i see why. technology in general is fucking these kids up lol and no its not just video games. i hope to god one day the internet gets regulated to shit. people can post whatever they want about you and its considered free speech if they "commentate" over it. this is a big problem on places like youtube. they can reupload my shit with my personal info and just slap on some dialogue and youtube wont take it down etc. people get their lives ruined every day because of recordings of them being drunk etc. video goes viral tons of public trolls respond to it next thing they know they lose their career cause of internet trolls. so ya fuck the internet, fuck video games addiction, fuck facebook, fuck instagram, fuck twitter. documenting all these people's every move to be googled and used against them. fuck youtube getting retards to make them 10000s of videos only to get paid peanuts in return. somethings gotta give lol. its not a space for opportunity and expression its a place for mistakes to grow and people to get addicted and consumed with for profit at their own expense.
  2. women are garbage. most of them arent worth dating or being around especially after they get bored of you. but i understand i used to obsess over exgirlfriends for years too. poor guys... happens to use all. "she was" "beautiful" "amazing" "made me happy" you can say that about any girl no matter how shit she really was until you wake up. i obsessed over some REALLY REALLY TRASHY MENTAL WHORES. WHAT WAS I THINKING!? Hope you get over the dumb hoes because lets be honest any girl who gives you attention will do this to you until you get over it. both you and i know it. she wasnt special...
  3. just remember you quit for a reason and if you go back the cycle that made you want to quit may return.
  4. I'm watching one of her vids now about criticism. That's part of the reason why my username is fuck. Lol. I get stalked and I'm not famous even
  5. Just some more ranting. One time I had a girl CALL THE COPS ON ME for talking to her on facebook because she felt I was a stranger creep. I was really lonely and for one day i just spammed her with messages trying to get her to be friends with me and hangout with me. Keep in mind 4 years prior I met her in person when i used to go out a lot before my antisocial hermit lifestyle took over my life again. When I met her in person SHE ADDED ME ON FACEBOOK. but over the next 4 years i never saw her again or talked to her and had deleted my facebook. This is also why online dating IS SO STUPID AND ALMOST NEVER EVER WORKS. You have to meet people in the real world not over the internet to make friends. People think youre a weirdo creep if you use your COMPUTER to interact with them instead OF ACTUALLY MEETING THEM IN THE REAL WORLD DOING REAL WORLD THINGS.
  6. I just wanted to post that I agree with this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fkrl54JJxRo It isn't about quitting games but fixing your life and keeping it fixed. I just wanted to say that besides video games some other bad habits i recycle over and over again year after year is I will install 3D Animation software, music software, video editing software, etc. Just a ton of things to clutter my computer with to make me feel better knowing damn well ill never be a musician, ill never make a amazing 3d animation, that i need to stop churning out rant videos, etc and go out and take care of myself and get a real job rather than filling up my day with hobbies and distractions on the computer. There have been many times where I fought and fought hard working out every day, chewing and spitting out food to reduce calorie intake to almost zero (yet i somehow still manage to stay a tad chubby unless i workout too). And yes after working out for a few weeks you feel GOOD! full of energy like you can just walk out the door and do whatever, THE WORST THING THAT CAN HAPPEN is relapsing. Next thing you know youre too bored to workout, say you can have a little food, HEAVEN FORBID BOOT UP A VIDEO GAME, etc. Next thing you know youre fat again, never leave the house, feel like crap, and lost it all. I get really bad and i hate when it happens. One of the biggest things I did the past year of my life is i got back into making video game videos on youtube and im obsessive about projects i work on! i spent most my days making the videos rarely if EVER leaving the house. Just so you know you need 1,000 views just to get ONE DOLLAR in adsense. You need over 100 dollars to get paid anything. I spent ONE WHOLE YEAR making videos and only recently got that 100 bucks. I have almost 1000 videos and i get about 500 views a day! IT IS HORRIBLE. I consider it a year of my life wasted. NEVER CAN I GO BACK TO VIDEO GAME VIDEOS. Thats a dead end for me just like video games and all my hobbies on the computer. My only hope for any success is going out in the REAL WORLD. Thx for reading. One thing I did for a year when i was in my best shape was I would make youtube videos with a portable handheld recorder talking about outside related activities. STAY FOCUSED ON OUTSIDE WORLD AND GOALS. YOU ARE WHAT YOURE INTERESTED IN. I used to tell myself when i was in my best shape that i need to always feel like I can get up and run and workout so i can never fill my stomach with a lot of food. I should be skinny. I should look nice. and yeah always TALK SHIT ABOUT VIDEO GAMES. every day remind yourself what they do to you and how stupid they are.
  7. People get addicted to games for the singleplayer, multiplayer, story, environment, community, etc. Both males and females get addicted to games for the same reasons in these categories. Females may gravitate towards the story, characters and atmosphere more than males tho. I know a few girls who play competitive FPS and RTS games in the multiplayer even to go as far as making their own maps and other content for the game as well as some who are obsessed with the characters and atmosphere in the singleplayer. Ive herd some pretty disturbing sexual fantasies some girls have about the characters and even high profile figures in the community outside the game. Personally I wouldn't give females too much credit in addiction for being different in some way. It's all the same maybe just more in other categories but still the same which is an escape from reality and mental obsession that they develop. People can get addicted to anything. One common factor girls seem to have in common is a lot of times they say they were introduced to the games theyre addicted to because they played them with their father when they were young.