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  1. Hello, i probably should have made it a bit clearer, when i mentioned fast, i didnt mean doing a diet, 5:2 or anything like that, its simply: "I spoke with a friend about all of this and i have probably made a rash decision to fast (maybe i should have typed to quick instead), and i want your opinions on this if you will... " The text above is a follow up to the following text about completely starting fresh in a new city or just staying where i am at this very moment, get in shape, get more energy and then finally leave when i feel its ready, or just leave straight away and take a chance... When it comes to the food and such, i am simply eating the same food everyone else around here is eating, which is deff more healthier, fruits, vegetables, switching out sodas etc for water and so on, all of this will surely make some form of a body change along with the outdoor activities i will try out in the coming weeks/months (as soon as the snow is gone) Anyhow thanks for the tips
  2. Hello! Honestly i thought id never visit a forum and make a post like this that i am currently writing. My name is Peter and i am 31 years old. I am what most people out there would call a "No-Lifer", meaning i only spend countless hours playing video games all day/night long. It all started somewhere before the year 2000, i think it actually was when internet first were introduced when i got into playing online based video games (or few years after the release). Ofcourse i played console based games, but i never had the kind of problems i have today with the games back then, would play an hour or two, then go outside to hang out with some friends, do some sports, or whatever activities we could decide upon doing. I do apologize if my grammar/english isnt perfect, i am currently living in Sweden, but thats not an excuse i guess :) Anyway a few years after internet came out here in Sweden, i picked up my very first online game called T4C, it is basically like any other mmorpg games out there, you leve up, fight monsters, join clans/guilds, do raids together, and so on... After a few years of playing the game, everyone i knew started to leave the game, basically because they told me they had other things they needed to fix in their lives, and at that point i didnt think much of fixing things in my life, remembering back i must have been somewhere around 15 or 16 years old. When the game (T4c) finally became boring enough because of everyone leaving, my eyes lightened up for a new mmorpg game that i had never heard of in my life, people in school talked about it, i saw other random people in internet cafés playing it, and one day i finally decided that i would become a subscriber myself, to the game: World of Warcraft In the very early stages of my experience within wow, i could play anywhere btw 1-3 hours before it started getting to my head and i needed a break, jumping a few years into the future, around 2007-2008, i almost got kicked out of school because my grades were to bad, and i would never go to school, the actual times i would go to school, i kept thinking for myself during classes: Oh man, i cant wait until i get back home so that we can slay that big dragon, he has a few pieces i really need for my character. There was a special day that i remember when i quit games totally for a period of time, because i didnt wanna fail my classes or school at all, because that would disappoint my parents big time, so i decided for the one remaining year to actually do my homework, join class, etc... I finally avoided getting kicked out from school, took my graduation and had a blast... The life however after graduation made my decisions in life to visit World of Warcraft once again. After i had spent 7 or 8 months searching hundreds upon hundreds of jobs without even a single reply, it sort of (dragged me down?) and i started to feel depressed and thinking thoughts like: why did i even finish that last year and graduate when no one even wants to hire me... (I Graduated The Summer of 2008) When i came back to wow after those thoughts about no one wanting me for a job, i have been playing world of warcraft ever since, until about seven days ago... During all my time in world of warcraft, i have kept thinking over and over again that i needed to turn my life around, that i needed to find a job and do things outside the house but in the end i always avoided it because i would instead do some Questing with friends, run dungeons with guild mates, and so fourth... However, seven days ago when i finally decided to leave video gaming forever, i think its because i want to change for real now, and i believe at this point that video games is giving me anxiety attacks/panic attacks... The attacks would happen out of nowhere all of a sudden, i would feel dizzy, sick and in general just ill... I decided for myself that i would do an experiment to find out if it is the video games that is causing this or not, so i took a couple of days "off" games so to say and everything went back to normal... When i finally decided upon playing video games again, it all came back once more, so i decided to completely erase all my video games and shorten my computer time... Everything is back to normal now, but whenever i try to play something or watch someone play a game, i can feel the attacks lurking around the corner... Believe it or not, but i am actually selling my computer (well its up for sale), and i am planning to buy a laptop in which i cant play video games at all on anymore, it will just be used for searching the internet, looking for jobs, etc... Thinking over it all, ive been playing world of warcraft for over 12 years, some days i could play for aslong as 12-18 hours/daily (the last 3-4 months were like this 100%), i even had a youtube channel where i basically did insane/crazy videos, of me farming random stuff for a period of time, and i kept reading comments such as: heh, you are one crazy gamer, i could never do something like this... Over the course of me playing this game, my weight and hygiene has changed drastically, i am now overweight and whenever people meet me they tell me that i need a shower or need to shave my beard, or other hygiene related issues, i always just say that i dont really care and that i am fine with it... Now i am currently sitting here writing all of this down to see what other people will say about this. The last few days i havent really been doing anything at all, just cooking some food, started reading a book that i got around seven years ago but never got around to actually start reading... The area which im living in is currently packed with snow, so i dont really wanna go outside, but i do have some new hobbies i wanna try, such as camping, hiking, etc, but i will start on those once the snow starts to disappear... I have started excersicing and eating healthier so that my body can transform into somewhat healthier, loosing weight that is, so that i can have more energy for outside activities... I spoke with a friend about all of this and i have probably made a rash decision to fast, and i want your opinions on this if you will... I told my friend that when my computer has finally been sold, i will take the money and move into his apartment at a completely different city, only bringing my clothes and money for rent. Starting fresh that is, but i am thinking for myself right now if that is truly the best decision, as i said i am currently overweight and just quit games for good. Do you think it would be better for me to focus on my health first, loosing some weight, getting into excersicing, etc so that i will have the energy and motivation to actually do productive things when i finally move to his apartment for a fresh start? Or should i just go straight away and take my very first risk in life... The last time i remember of me actually working as a overweight, i were exhausted after the first day (knowing its my body size and no training at all) I have probably written down my lifes history right here, and i can most likely write down more, but this is just a little bit of my gaming history and what it has done to me and now finally ready for changes... Ps. I am following a new schedule tomorrow for myself, i have 2 hours marked as "outside activities" for every single day during the entire week, but i have no idea what to do, other then maybe walking around, ideas? :P Anyways thanks for reading and have fun
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