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  1. Thanks for this post, didn't know about it and i'm really liking the app.
  2. Oh yeah, one of the most temptings series i've watched (not a serie's lover, but still), currently slowed down a bit and planning on watching the rest but taking my time to do other things also
  3. Is nice to read a success story, congratulations! If i were to ask, what activities do you replace gaming with? I'm currently on my 2nd week and struggling with that, would love to hear you on that topic if you don't mind. Keep the good work
  4. I've been slacking with my journal so i'll do a resumen of a couple days. Day 2 - The meeting: As i wrote previously, the days felt like aligned to make my decision go smoother, i talked with one of my older brothers and we agreed to meet on this day. I've not seen or talked with him since at least a year (not for any particular reason other than we did not grow together and just talk to each other to see how life is going on birthdays). It was a very touching day, we talked a lot about the family and i got to met his new son. This took almost all Sunday so i went back home, had dinner with family and went to bed early. Up to this moment i was very happy with my choice. Days 3 and 4 - A dangerous path: Good thing about the Detox is that i started to get up very early so i could read a bit of StopGaming and experiment other users' stories, bad thing about the situation, i was still on holidays and there was a lot of free time that i started to think would be very hard to schedule. So my sister and i used to talk a lot about starting to watch Game of Thrones and she came with the same idea this day, in my head it was instantly a decision i could regret as i have watched other series in the past and got stuck for many days not doing anything else but the idea to do something with my sister looked like the right path so i sticked with it. Oh boy i was wrong, we saw season 1 and 2 in those two days (10 1-hour long chapters per season), it's easy to say that i did not achieve much with that but i was so hooked with the plot that i keep going. Day 5 - Automatic mode: Well, we rushed trough season 2 last day and the excuse was that, as my sister was going to travel the next day, we could close the plot there and return to watch season 3 when she came back. It was a nice idea and kept us watching the second day. The real problem was that now in the 3rd day, my sister was gone but i was the one in automatic mode watching season 3, saying to myself "one more chapter and done". Fair to say that the next 10 chapters flought by and this day was gone as fast as those. That night i sat in my bed and started to think where this was leading me and promised myself to stop it next day. ------------------ I'm currently on Day 10 of the Detox, will update my journey as i found the time/motivation, thanks to all who reads this.
  5. I've been sneaking into your journal, just wanted to say that i'm glad you are not only working on improving the gaming aspect but also the soda/food, building those habits sure it's going to keep paying off. Stay strong and focused, gratz on the halfway Detox
  6. Hello to all the people who will join me in this journey, hope you enjoy reading through it. Day 1: The decision This wasn't the first time i stopped gaming, many years passed where i completely uninstalled all my games and tried to focus on other things but ended up relapsing in a month, however this time i had the luck (or whatever we could believe in) to find the StopGaming community on reddit. How it started... I decided to return to World of Warcraft after a break to try the new content there, i can't remember what else i did that week besides that. My problem with that game has always been the same "collectionism", there you have achievement points, mounts, pets, skins and i always tried to get all. It was around 3 am in the morning and i was heading to another mindless task that would put me closer to some achievement and i said to myself "why are you doing this?" (well, it was in spanish to be honest), that simple thought was enough to close the game instantly and move to another day, or so i believed. As it was my routine, after ending a gaming session, it was time to browse reddit and check the news on the games that had my interest at the time, i can't remember how but i ended on the StopGaming community and it was the thing i needed to start processing in my head that this time is going to be the most serious of my attempts, that any of the other ones didn't have a purpose, nor a change of mindset, nor a motivation. I was so excited with my new find that after i've watched all the videos and comments on the suggested tabs, i noticed it was near 7am, that couldn't be a good schedule to start the detox so i decided that i would have a short sleep and attempt to sleep early that night. The rest of the day was as easy as it could get, in my mind everything was aligning to assist me with my new plan. I woke up to lunch with my family, we watched a movie and i recieved a whatsapp message from a friend, his family was changing some furniture and needed my help. It took us until the sunset to finish that work and the good part was that my friend was going through a similar process so we could talk about it and he was very supportive with the idea. I came back to home for dinner, we watched a film with the family and i was really tired so i decided to end the day right there, couldn't have chosen a better day to start the detox, i felt really well with that day and it seemed to me that this change would be a really good one. PD: I'm currently on my 7th day, but wasn't until yesterday that i decided i needed to record my thoughts on some way so i'll be catching up with this whenever i can, thanks to all reading
  7. Well, i'm Alexis from Argentina. I played games since i was 8 years old, starting with things like lying to visit my grandmother and going to cybercafés. I've been wondering about decisions in my life and where i was about my goals and things i've acomplished. Accidentaly ended in reddit's stopgaming community and decided it was the signal i needed to start a change, so here i am. I'm currently on my 7th day of the 90-day detox and already had some struggles so i decided to make a journal and analyze what i'm doing in a day by day basis. Thanks to all who read this and i hope i can help others and myself on this journey!
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