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  1. Hey everyone I’m Luke. I haven’t quit gaming as a whole but I limit as much as I can and have found a game that I can control when I play. I’m only 14 and I just started off the year with B’s which I’m not proud of. As a result I found the YouTube channel and ect. I used to play Fortnite in 6th and 7th grade for about 3-6 hours after school and 5-10 on weekends. I know that sounds like a lot but time goes fast when playing that game. In 8th grade I played a bit less but COVID hit me hard I played around 4-12 hours a day. I played Fortnite competitively and I really was addicted. Other games I just get sinked into. I’m currently only playing Warzone for 1-2 hours on school days and 2-3 on weekends. Let me know if I should play less but that’s good for me cause I have ADHD. I played video games as a way to only improve and I turned that into Wrestling. We haven’t started our season yet but I want to see a ton of improvement for me as Fortnite has the highest Skill Ceiling and I was top 1,000 in my region for a bit. But I’m only doing this cause I’m concerned about grades. Let me know please give me feedback I know most of y’all are married with kids but please respond I want to learn 🙂
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