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  2. I hate & love him for the constant motivation/reminding of his audience (me) how to do muscle ups, planche push ups, & handstand push ups without wall support. I will get there eventually am in no hurry.
  3. Gotcha @Ikar. My neuroticism is a blessing and a curse, haha. Day 224 No VG - 224 days, journaling - 3 days left, no sports news - 39 days, NF - 4 days, SOB - 5 days, NNO59 -5 days left Kept all my habits today and made it to the gym despite being completely sleep deprived and gassed. I just need sleep tonight. I abused myself good this week.
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  5. Day 2 Pretty normal day. Woke up later than I wanted, but I was really tired from yesterday, so that's ok. Work went really well! Feeling good about recent results. Went to the gym and got some yoga done too. In general a good day, but nothing different than the usual. I'm thinking about starting some monthly challenges with myself. Always wanted to experiment different things and maybe keeping a diary it may work. Current Streaks No games - 169 days No Porn/Masturbation - 8 days Things that I should do every week or month Body grooming - Last done 06/12/2019 Hair Care - Last done 30/12/2019 Deep organize room - 30 days challenge - Day XX Going to start it soon, maybe this weekend One amazing thing that happened/I did today Went back to exercising after about 10 days! Feeling good. Exercise Gym + Yoga. Social - Fuck it, just do it A few moments of hesitation happened and I tried to fight against it and just do whatever the hell it was... nothing too thriling, but I'm satisfied that I remembered to push through the fear. Gonna try to keep it. Morning Routine First 60 minutes with no Cellphone - Done Physiotherapy - Done Skin care routine - Done Make my bed - Done Maybe I'm gonna integrate some meditation in the morning, but I don't wanna get overwhelmed with new habits in the beginning. Evening Routine Skin care routine - Done. Physiotherapy - Done. Daily Habits Tracker I'm going to start adding habits soon. Reading Not today. Getting to bed before 12pm Not today. Weekly Goal(s) Need some planning. Monthly Goal Need some planning. 3 Month Goal Need some planning. What went well today: Gym went well. What I could have done to make my day better: I could have woke up a little earlier. In the time lost in the morning I could have done more stuff. What I will do differently tomorrow: Tomorrow is the first weekend of the diary! Gonna try to be mindful about time spent in the room. I have things to study, but certainly gonna have some free time. Maybe pick up where I left with the guitar.
  6. lol thanks. I think i hate him from his tattoos, but thanks for the quick response. I think I'll drink water and go to bed. I really just want sleep.
  7. well if you have that much energy, haha
  8. I really want to watch porn. This is terrible. I need it. I'm so tired from work and all I want to do is have sex. Holy shit.
  9. Interesting. I'm addicted to attention, but only from people on games or something. I actually kind of hate being around certain people. I can't even fake it. If I don't want to be around you I'm 100% certain you'll know it lol. @Ikar said it perfectly on another post where I'm usually addicted to attention from women who I find attractive. I get infatuated with them easily and it allows me to be manipulated due to my self esteem regarding relationships. That's what I'll be working on.
  10. Don't forget you have the option to go out and do stuff. I say this because it's an option, not a mandatory task. You've moved to the dorms to provide yourself better opportunity to attend things, but you still have the choice. Don't beat yourself if you're not going out and doing things. I think if you make it so you're going out if you're in the mood or feeling interested in trying it you'll be fine. You have a few years so you'll definitely be going out more than a few times. No worries.
  11. Yeah. I think that comes from me always wishing of accomplishing great things as a kid and never doing them. I used to pace around my house as a kid for HOURS day dreaming about things I wanted to achieve. I'd think of cool business models, videos, girlfriends, you name it. But instead of acting on it I'd go and masturbate after or play video games for hours. It sounds very funny, but it's a real problem for probably 70-80% of the population of earth. Since most people never achieve anything. Sad reality and I don't want to be a member of the no life club anymore. Now I'm hell bent on living life and doing shit. I'm 3D modeling tonight and packing tomorrow. I was gonna come home and watch porn but remembered I don't do that anymore.
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  13. @Phoenixking WOW u are an old timer here . I am so happy to see people like you who never give up . life is not ez to change its routine but we can change our routine at least . my advice for you now is to skip any things related to games or porn , even your best friends who just think about sex or games you should quit them nicely and try not to be in the places that they visit . i recommend you to marry as soon as possible and then whenever u think about porn u can do sex with your wife , sex with wife is much better than with ex . u will not regret that believe me . anyway try to not look at any sexual scene especially womens who do not wear enough clothes or womens who try just to make their breast looks bigger or anything that increase your lust to fuck or watch porn , it is hard but achievable . GOD bless you God bless this community PEACE .
  14. Day 3. "The emptied room." We went away for a day or two. She's about to move in with me. We have a joint account, we pay for stuff together, we posted about it online and there's half an army of friends and family helping out with moving her stuff to my place. Excuse me, our place. I stood in one of the emptied rooms today, we cleared it out to be able to stack the boxes we'll be unpacked for a few days, and suddenly it dawned on me: this is really happening. We've been an item for a year now and we couldn't be happier. I can be naked and vulnerable and show all of my ugliest sides and she'd never run. I'm so happy she's here. We went snowboarding on the first day, checked into the hotel later that day and I had called ahead and made sure there was some bubbly and some rose petals. She was so surprised! The two days were meant as a celebration of our first year together. But also to take some pressure off of everything. We'd been stressed to the max and we'd already splurged on some thing last weekend as a way to ease some of the tension. But combining Krav Maga and snowboarding and just general tomfoolery was great. We had great food, free drinks and lots of fun. Tomorrow and the day after might feel very chaotic. We've prepped for everything rather properly though. But at the end of the story, the appartment will be filled with boxes, stuff will be everywhere and it's going to take a while to actually get the new furniture where we want them to and to unpack the boxes. So our home will be a bit of a mess for a while and that can be a bit of a trigger for me. What's left to do? -I am almost done with cleaning out my regular inbox, the other one still requires some attention. -The important documents lying around are the next thing on the list. Bills and stuff. But important nevertheless. -I should try to get all my paycheck slips and send it to the company that paid me for a few months of sick leave, they need them to pay out the final amounts. -I bought some stuff online and my weight scale gave an error. I sent them a message asking why the payment didn't go through. I really want to make sure I get that scale. -I got a new computer! There's still some programs missing, like an antivirus and other stuff. -I should probably try and go pick up my old computer from the shop. I could then remove some RAM-cards and my old drive and see if I can implant it in the new one to make it faster. -I want to start posting stuff on my social media and be funny and get popular to make sure that when I launch my business, I can hitch onto the already present growth online -I should try to contact, review and coordinate with my friend, the graphic designer, to talk about my social media, color codes, a website and content -I want to get a haircut. -I want to contact my barber and a tailor to doublecheck if everything is set for the big birthday party in April. I'm getting a tailored suit and hope to lose enough weight by then to have an okay body and maintain that or I won't fit my suit anymore. -I should try to contact a company called SABAM to make sure that whenever my face or voice is used commercially, somebody checks if it's legal and if I get paid properly. It seems and impossible mission to do this myself, so I want to find somebody who can. -I want to check out a company called win-winner, because they help out start-ups like mine -I want to contact a few banks about small business loans to compare their rates and also contact those same banks and my own independant insurance broker to look at different insurance products for start-ups and how I could benefit from those personally and perhaps with my girl in tow -I want to contact DeAuteurs, a company that pays out royalties for scripts and written media, I should get some help with this asap. -I want to check out VOKA, another company that helps out startups -I want to check out SMARTbe, a company that helps the payment and administration of freelancers -I want to binge the E-learning of the place I just got my business education from, it's basic, but all knowledge is good knowledge -I want to get more gigs as a training actor -I want to ask my local government what kind of programmes they have in place for startups like mine -I wantto check out something called startit.be; another company for startups -I've sold the washing machine and the sofa. All that's left is my table, but for now we'll probably just put it to the side since we can dismount the table legs and pack it up. This has become less of a priority. Recent highlight: I usually can't keep my mouth shut about surprises because I'm so enthousiastic about them. But this time, I got her! She went into the hotel room with a blank face and was almost crying tears of joy. She told me nobody had ever done such a thing for her. Rose petals, balloons, romantic lights, Prosecco, ... It felt great to surprise her like that. Budget status: I still need to get paid for the Burger King ad. But it should come next week. The past two days we've used the joint account for the first time to pay things and honestly, it went rather smoothly. It's going to be great being able to pay twice as much stuff without having to worry. One of these days, when there's time, I'd like to make a new budget file or continue the old one when I succeed in finally picking up my old PC. My one goal for the next 24h: Do best tomorrow on moving day 🙂 Maintained habits: -Daily Japanese lesson - If I'm to believe the app, I'm on a 11-day streak now. -Make the bed - Didn't have to make the hotel bed 😉 -Drink enough water - Despite having packed lots of water, I've been dehydrated a bit for the past two days because of cocktails and coffee. If I spend days at home, I'm usually fine because there's always a water bottle nearby. But whenever I'm on the road or doing something besides working from home, I lose this streak in an instant. -Brush teeth two times a day, floss and clean once a day - Even did it at the hotel. But my current dental floss is crap. But I haven't been able to go out and get some new stuff. -No daydrinking at home alone - I feel like I can't remember the last time I did this. I'm glad I took this new habit on. -Meditation - It seems that it's hard for me to get this one into my patterns. But slow and steady wins the race, I guess. I wanted to do it today, but I'm just sooo tired. I'll fall asleep in a heartbeat later. The past two days have been imperative for relieving some stress, Krav Maga too. I was actually looking forward to trying to meditate today. But I'm afraid I'll just doze off 😛 -Exercise once this week - I had Krav Maga, then yesterday there was about 4 hours of snowboarding and today we walked around town a lot. My feet and legs hurt a little 😛 Also tomorrow is moving day so I feel like this week is right on track in terms of exercise. I just wish I had those cool weight scales already. I wonder if I lost any weight this week because of all of the activity.
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    Day 230: I wanted to go out after the classes at school, but while I don't feel horrible, I have a runny nose and I have to blow it every couple of minutes, so I decided I would not go out. I read for about an hour and just stayed indoors and warm.
  16. Holy shit. Double slam dunk there! I should indeed pay mind to making sure I don't get hurt. I'll make a solid try to re-word some of the things in the list.
  17. Congratulations on your promotion! Also, I can relate to the being active stuff. I feel like I am just simply not worth anything if I'm not doing anything. I sometimes think that 'normal' people get their feeling of identity from who they are and what they stand for. I something feel like I'm not like that and I get that identity from what I'm doing or what I've done or achieved.
  18. Day 257 06.12.19 Gratitude journal Today I am grateful for a great productive day. Today I am grateful for having more willpower than at the start of this week. One amazing thing that happened/I did today 1) worked 8h and then studied for over 4h at home I am spent but satisfied Workout/run more than 8k steps (restday) Meditation 10min (in the morning) Visualisation and daily affirmation did a bit of my affirmation and visualisation in the morning Reading (4hour(s) of studying for the next exam today) studied more than 4h, listened around 2h to podcasts to relax and better myself,had no motivation for my spanish session (I am not sure if I am able to do them regularly before my next exam there is so much to do 😞 ) my wake-up time 06:53 Weekly Goal(s) start waking up before 7am regularly, study/learn something everyday, have a perfect week and find healthy and productive ways to relax (now more important than ever since I am denying myself a lot of usual fun, relaxing activities) Monthly Goal to study/learn something everday, be more grateful for everything in life, find the joy of living in the moment, think hard about my values and what kind of person I want to be, stay vegetarian or rarely eat meat, stay away from porn, anything related to games, webnovels and guilty pleassure fantasy books 3 Month Goal to finally getting my degree, avoid the comfort zone as much as possible and try to get 90 days of no webnovels, sweets and porn done! What went well today: (NP:2/NW:3/NS:0/NM:5) did my meditation but not my usual spanish session, studied a bit and worked 8h+ What I could have done to make my day better should have done more blackroll exercises, What I will do differently tomorrow/What I have planned for tomorrow: wake up before 8, try to study 7 to 8h, go to a christmas party in the eveing, do some workout at home or go running Weekly summary, thoughts and improvements for the future -----
  19. day 26 : today i am super happy despite the face that i have not done all my tasks because i have spent so funny time outside . thanks god GOD bless this community PEACE
  20. I don't have a whole lot to post since my last update. It's not been a great period for me. Thanksgiving was a good break b/c I chose to spend time with family rather than game some more. But after the break, I got right back into watching a lot of gaming on Youtube. I have a few weeks off work at the end of this month, and at this point it's hard for me to imagine not being involved with gaming within that period. I tend to have a hard time with self-discipline this time of the year, and I don't see this year being any different. But I thought it'd be better to post on here than not say anything at all. Hope everyone has a good Christmas break.
  21. Hey thats good stuff! I read James Clears book atomic habits and it is really amazing! How do you think you are supposed to apply this identity shift? Is it something you actively do or does it happen over time? Should I write down stuff like " I am a hard worker , I am a fitness freak " or how would you tackle it?
  22. Growing up with this addictive personality of mine I found that gaming addiction was not my only vice. I used to be addicted to people even the ones that talked bad about me and at the same time I was fearful of many people I did not know because I was not setting boundaries. At the same time all of that chaos is what over-stimulates hormones that essentially becomes an inner drug store for addiction. I have now done well keep abusive codependent relationships away but the real trick is putting in the work to build and love myself first. It is impossible to share love if I cannot find it within.
  23. This is great! I knew you'd find programs. With this you'd be able to find a finance job, meet and be around people similar to you and expand your daily life more. I hope it works.
  24. Thanks! Yeah, it was pretty sudden. Suddenly I felt really annoyed and just quitted. I was so annoyed that I stayed like hours selling and uninstalling/deleting everything related to games. About porn, it's not easy... right now I'm on day 7 of another try. I guess what helps me a little is that I have a girlfriend, but it's hard as hell anyways. But I really don't look back: since "quitting" porn my sexual life improved a lot. This virtual stimulation makes to much harm to our brain. Good luck man! Looking forward to see you succeed!
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    Ikar's Diary

    I caught a cold at the start of the week and I'm still under its influence. I will go out for a beer tonight and see who I can find to chat with though.
  26. This is awesome! How do you like it so far?!
  27. Wow!!! Congratulations!!!!
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