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  1. lilX added a topic in Lifestyle   

    Elon Musk Infographic
    This infographic was very inspiration to me. Elon Musk didnt have the perfect situation to be a billionaire; his parents divorced, his father is abusive, and he gets jumped in school. But he became a superhero and leader of world changing companies through his brave decisions, hard work, and never giving up.
    The first three rockets that he launched failed before he successully launched a rocket. Man I just teared up a little when I read that. 
    What we can learn from this is decisions leads to results. We decide our future. Quitting gaming is our decision. What other decisions will you make?
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  2. lilX added a post in a topic LilX Journal.   

    Im doing this 3 months program for self development because i want to take my self improvement to the next level. 
     Im ordering this book off amazon called Deep Work by Cal Newport. This book basically advocates focused, undistracted work when working, and to relax when not working. 
    Im going to implement this by having a maximum of 5 breaks to text/checkemail/check facebook/washroom/eat during my work hours. 
    I work for my dad, so i can do overtime.  
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  3. lilX added a post in a topic Shine Magical's journal   

    Congrats. I find motivation and discipline to be the most challenging when there are no deadlines. 
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  4. lilX added a post in a topic Craig's Journal   

    I find that each attempt gets easier. Its like your next ascension get some perks and skills that gets carried over
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  5. lilX added a post in a topic Share your experiences and tips for friendship?   

    i joined a mma dojo for a few months now. i volunteered in their tournament, and had dinner with them later. The tournament was brutal. Lots of brain cells died that day. 
    They are really nice and training there keeps me from feeling lonely when my fiance is not around. 
    I agree with your tip! 
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  6. lilX added a post in a topic LilX Journal.   

    I didnt have much to do yesteday and fucked up by watching youtube and reddit, so now i have to pay up. 
    Speaking of reddit, the subreddit wholesome memes was fun to read. I was reading the latest reddit ama with Bill Gates and he said that success to him is defined by making those close to him happy, and as a bonus do something to make the world a better place. That really resonated with me. 
    Next challenge is the same thing for a week except i can listen to music on youtube, and the only caffeine i can consume is freshly brewed tea. 
    If i fail i give 100 dollars to the bill and melina gates foundation this time. 
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  7. lilX added a post in a topic LilX Journal.   

    I Should go to bed soon
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  8. lilX added a post in a topic Stercus accidit's Journal - 90 days detox completed :D   

    Congrats on the 90 days. If you say that you are getting more things done with gaming, then gaming in moderation is okay for you? 
    It's your call whether you want to quit gaming again. Even if you decided to continue gaming, I will still be interested in reading your journal. 
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  9. lilX added a post in a topic LilX Journal.   

    Done the 1 week and I would like to continue this. Im starting a new 1 week challenge with the following tweaks: 
    I am allowed to watch Cams videos on youtube, or videos that he recommends. 
    Caffeine limit reduced to 65mg 
    Like before, I owe Cam 80 dollars if I fail the challenge. 
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  10. lilX added a post in a topic LilX Journal.   

    thanks pierce. I am a few hours away from finishing the week. 
    I noticed that i am more engaged in everything i do, whether it is housework, work, or texting people to set up plans for the weekend.  I get to spend more time being productive as well. My estimation is a 32 percent increase is productivity this week. 
    The downsides are I feel bored more often, though i expect that i will get used to it after a while. If something that bothers me comes up I dont have any online distractions to soothe myself at all. Well I can still go this forum. I cant watch cams youtube videos. 
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  11. lilX added a post in a topic Shine Magical's journal   

    I too have experienced stress and listening to dir en grey when studying for exams.
    Study hard, hope u do well
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  12. lilX added a post in a topic LilX Journal.   

    My endurance leveled up to level 1.
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  13. lilX added a post in a topic What makes you happy?   

    I just try to focus on taking action. Sometimes I feel happy during the process. 
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  14. lilX added a topic in Lifestyle   

    How do you start an accountability group?
    Thinking of starting an accountability groups. What are resources on the right way and structure to run an accountability group?
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  15. lilX added a post in a topic The Warrior's Infinite Opus   

    I was reading what Simms said about engineering and i want to add that choosing a particular field doesnt gurantee liberation. There is a dark side and good side to every industry.  
    Im doing structural engineering right now and man there is so many ways you can become corrupt or immoral. When your client is the contractor, and they only care about keeping the cost down, there is so much pressure to sacrifice the safety of the building because you get no financial reward for making things safe. In the last comapny i worked for, they really didnt give a shit about safety and only about money. Lots of illegal things happening in that company. I quit after a women brought a knife to work and threatened to kill people. Anyways im trying to be positive here. Im working for a client who is an architect company doing sustainable, net zero carbon footprint buildings right now. Im good friends with one of the designers and Im really into making the world better and helping the environment so i find the job super fulfilling. I can only say about my own experiences but im sure other fields are the same, there are always opportunities to walk the dark side or light side. Im sure there are great people every field. 
    Good to hear that you are doing workouts. I like to encourage people to exercise because of all the scientific evidence on the benefits of exercise. There are scientific research that shows exercise is better at combating depression than any antidepressant. Im not saying you are depressed or anything like that, but one could infer from that study that exercise should makes people feel really good. But i do have one buddy with a rare disease and exercise just makes him dizzy so i dont know. 
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