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  1. Joba added a topic in Celebrate   

    ONE YEAR!!!!!!
    Hey fellow GQ'ers
    I cannot believe its been over a year since I officially quit video games and i'm so happy. So much internal growth has happened that Its hard to mention each one individually, but I will share a few things I have noticed. If you're just starting this challenge or are contemplating quitting, do it because its worth every second of it.
    My willpower has significantly increased. This has helped me overcome other bad habits and being able to resist instant gratification has lead me to seek out rewards that take a long time to manifest. It has helped me develop discipline in my daily habits and become more resilient to stick things out when the going gets tough instead of giving up like what I used to. (instead of saying "ah i'll just play games" ) 
    I'm more attentive when talking to people. I'm genuinely interested in what they have to say and finding unique things to talk about with them. Instead of itching to just move past it so I can get back to playing games. 
    I'm reading books consistently, something I never did at all and I feel more genuinely inspired to learn things. In the year I've finished about 11 books. Thats more that all the books I've finished combined up until the last year.
    The biggest payoff, one I would never trade is that I've finally reconnected with my passion; I've reconnected with writing music. My dream that I never thought was possible to even pursue. I've never been happier. I just finished investing into a kick-ass production computer (with an intel i7 7700k!) and I am excited to announce this...
    I have started a my own independent electronica record label!!!
    I plan on having my first release this summer. Stay connected with the social media, as content will be available through YouTube, Livestreams, and more. You can find the label on its home page at
    I can't say thank you enough. For this community and its support It wouldn't of been possible without you. 
    Thank you GQ's! <3
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  2. Joba added a post in a topic 11 months!   

  3. Joba added a topic in Celebrate   

    11 months!
    Hi Everyone,
    I just realized this today and just too damn happy not to post. What an incredible journey it has been. I going to do an in-depth post once I hit a year however I'm just so happy to be sitting here realizing that my life is going in the direction I want. I wanted to let anyone know who is struggling to keep going because life only gets better and it has the biggest return of investment. Strange and wonderful things happen to your mind; you start to think clearly, creativity skyrockets, and you even sleep better! The confidence you get overcoming VGA outweighs any game reward, especially when the world tells you otherwise. Its incredibly empowering to realize your own strength and to liberate yourself. I feel free!
    Thank you Cam for starting this movement, and to everyone else to keep on persisting because your time is valuable and it only gets better!
    Thank you!
    PS: I have some very exciting news that i'm DYING to tell everyone about but thats' a secret until next month!  

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  4. Joba added a post in a topic Replaced gaming with chatrooming?   

    Have you tried Stayfocusd?
    Hey Daniel, 
    I have not! However since this post I've actually decided to do a social media fast, as well as not playing video games its been about 11 months now and feelin' fantastic  
    Hi EverydayArt, 
    In about a month (my year aniversary) i'll be posting the things i've accomplished and will touch on how I overcame this in more detail, but in short I just became more passionate about music and making real world connections instead of trying to mindless make them happen digitally  
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  5. Joba added a topic in Meetups   

    Victoria, BC
    Hey GQF,
    Anyone here from Victoria, BC? I think it would be cool to arrange a meetup sometime.
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  6. Joba added a post in a topic 90 days completed   

    Big ups Nic! it can only go up from here!
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  7. Joba added a topic in Celebrate   

    5 months!
    Hey GQF!,
    Just realized how long its been today, to be honest I actually forgot how long its been since I played. I still get cravings from time to time, but then simply choose a better option.
    Plans with time now: Getting a part-time job, so in about 5 months I will have an epic production computer for world domination Music and art... I'm genuinely excited and it gets me out of bed in the morning to go to work.

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  8. Joba added a post in a topic Day 14: New Record!   

    You da man! keep it up bud it! 
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  9. Joba added a post in a topic ONE YEAR   

    Congratulations to you!! This is a massive milestone and inspiring! 
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  10. Joba added a post in a topic Replaced gaming with chatrooming?   

    Hey EverydayArt,
    Thanks for compromise suggestion! Calculating the time and seeing the big picture of how that time is spent is also an excellent suggestion. I was just watching one of Cam's videos and he suggested to host your own events which I'm anxious to start doing but also excited. I just hope it attracts the right sort of people. I admit i've been exhausted a fair amount lately trying to do to much in too little time. Which of course, once chat rooms stops I'll have more time haha. Thanks again!
    Hi Rusaw, 
    Yeah I agree, going outside is very rejuvenating. I've always enjoyed solo walks!
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  11. Joba added a topic in Social Skills, Dating & Relationships   

    Replaced gaming with chatrooming?
    Hello GQs!
    I'm still going on strong with no video games (Since March 13th.. i've stopped counting days now hah) but I find myself spending more time in chat rooms, talking about specific interests (audio production) but in the long run I don't think spending 2-4 hours a night is really benefiting me. I've tried cutting out the chat roomy stuff before then in two weeks I start to sort of miss them and then boom, back into chatrooms.
    Has anyone else gone or is going through this? What did you do to overcome this.
    Thanks in advance!
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  12. Joba added a post in a topic ByrdMath's Artistic Dexterity Build   

    This is fantastic art!!! Well done Byrdmath!
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  13. Joba added a post in a topic Hello!   

    Hi Jesusboy77,
    Joining the forum is a big step in moving forward. There are times where you will feel cravings but they do pass I assure you. I decided to stop playing games on March 13th 2016, and i'm still going it feels great. You feel so empowered not wasting your life away with digital distractions.
    It gets easier with every day that passes, and your will to stay away from them will help you.
    You mentioned you are learning Spanish, and I wanted to post this handy website whenever you feel like you're about to relapse, go here instead:
    It lets you see measure of growth, in a fun way. I find it very helpful in learning dutch.
    And of course, all of us here are here to help
    Welcome aboard!
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  14. Joba added a post in a topic DAY 100!!!   

    Thanks! it feels pretty epic
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  15. Joba added a topic in Celebrate   

    DAY 100!!!

    What a high, What a high... I'd never thought i'd ever see 100 days of not video games. Going back to gaming seems so toxic now, like smoking cigarettes or hard drugs. 
    Things i've done in those 100 days:
    -Going to the gym consistently every 2 days, Read 2 books, socialized more, more inspired about life, introspection into my own psyche and self... and a lot more!
    if you're reading this and contemplating quitting, or even on the detox and having difficulties. Hang in there! the cravings do pass and its worth every moment
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