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  1. Andre2807 added a post in a topic André - 90 day detox   

    Day 10 - Confession to a friend
    Yesterday, I confessed to a friend about my gaming addiction - although he could directly relate (he's not a gamer at all), he was a mentor to two other gaming addicts in our church. He referred me to them, so I can bounce ideas from them and how they dealt with it.
    Day 11 - here I go!
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  2. Andre2807 added a post in a topic André - 90 day detox   

    Day 9 (Wednesday, 20 September 2017) - Ups and downs
    Another Miracle Morning, got 3 out of 6 again.
    I need to make small changes if I want to turn it into 6 out of 6.
    The day went great, but when it was cooking time, the ground beef was frozen... I forgot to take it out of the freezer the night before.
    Frustrated, I struggled to pull it together and actually get the job done. I also took some of my frustration out on my wife...
    Anyway, eventually - after some struggle, the ground beef was thawed and I made the spaghetti and meatballs.
    If I have to say so myself, those meatballs reminded me of the ones my grandmother used to make - they tasted amazing.
    Went to bed early after that fiasco.
    Lesson learnt: 
    Sometimes, our greatest struggles, produces the greatest results.
    Onto Day 10
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  3. Andre2807 added a post in a topic Favourite Podcast   

    I use soundcloud often, but I try to download the MP3 file of the podcast episodes (where possible).
    Yeah, Jocko's podcast is very good. The only issue is, you can't skip really through any parts of it - there's nuggets of advice / ideas all over the 2 hour episodes. 
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  4. Andre2807 added a post in a topic A friendly introduction   

    Welcome to the forum SlackRamen,
    Nice to have you here.
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  5. Andre2807 added a post in a topic André - 90 day detox   

    Day 8 - Much better
    The butterfly effect is a well known concept which boils down to this: "small causes can have larger effects"
    Combine this concept, with the Pareto Principle: "20% of our efforts produces 80% of our results" 
    I tried taking on a Miracle Morning. It advocates one to do 6 (important) things before 8 am. 
    1. Silence
    2. Journal
    3. Exercise
    4. Visualisation
    5. Affirmations
    6. Learning
    I did 3 of 6. Silence, Journal and Learning. 

    So far so good. 

    I'm also reading the book: The ONE thing.

    Onto Day 9.
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  6. Andre2807 added a post in a topic Best time for Journaling: Morning, afternoon or evening? Why?   

    Morning journal.
    I'm awake and fresh. I tried night time journaling, but I find myself making too many excuses.

    In the morning, I'm way less likely to make excuses. 

    Also, it's just part of my morning routine - so it would actually be weird if I didn't journal, because then it's no longer routine.
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  7. Andre2807 added a post in a topic Favourite Podcast   

    Hi there,

    Jocko Willink (Ex US Navy Seal) has a leadership and discipline podcast.
    It's one of my favourite podcasts - and it's 2 hours per episode, so it's great for the long road / long stretches of repetitive, easy work
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  8. Andre2807 added a post in a topic André - 90 day detox   

    Day 7 - Monday blues
    Made it past Day 7. 
    The day was rough though. I felt tired and lethargic at work. The night before, I went out with friends to watch Stephen King's - IT at the cinemas. 
    Eventually, at around 11:00 - I got a boost of energy and blasted through the rest of the work day.

    Went home, and listened to some podcasts by Rick Warren and two talks by Simon Sinek.
    It's time to turn my life around. 
    Onto Day 8.
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  9. Andre2807 added a post in a topic André - 90 day detox   

    Day 4 - 6 - The weekend wobbles
    I didn't game, but it just takes a weekend to make you realise how much gaming was a part of your life - the point being... without gaming, what do you fill your life with?
    It's a rhetorical question - but does beg a time for quiet reflection and thinking:
    Without our eyes glued to a screen (TV, series, video gaming, live streaming, social media) - what do you fill your life with? I'm not saying that one shouldn't enjoy a good movie or learn some guitar pieces on YouTube or follow the Game of Thrones series. What I'm saying is... when you step away from it - what then?
    The weekend asked that exact question to me, and I had some difficulty answering it.
    Although I didn't spend much time in quiet reflection, I did watch a good movie: The Infiltrator 
    In the movie, Aunt Vicky calls on Robert Mazur (protagonist) to "do something extraordinary" - this is after he and his customs team did a minor drug bust. What followed, was the one of the greatest drug bust in history - spearheaded by same Robert Mazur. 
    That is the question posed to me. 
    "What is my "something extraordinary" within my abilities, my passions, my experiences and my personality?"
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  10. Andre2807 added a post in a topic André - 90 day detox   

    Day 3 - Sneaky wife; happy life
    Of the three MIT's I had set out to do, I managed to do 2 out of 3.

    My wife was "tired" from work and the weather wasn't all that great, but I motivated her to go on a run with me. I also uninstalled Steam, Origin and related games. I signed up for an Obstacle Course Race in October. 

    Then my sneaky wife asked me to sleep earlier than normal (she goes to bed fairly early; I'm a night owl).

    Despite not working last night and clearing my emails as I planned to, I slept like a baby - and I feel great this morning.
    Sometimes, we set out to do a number of things for the day... but when it matters, choosing to sleep earlier or to spend more time with a loved one may trump another item on your to-do list. As Stephen Covey calls it - Integrity in moment of choice.
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  11. Andre2807 added a post in a topic André - 90 day detox   

    Thanks for the advice Giblets.
    Yeah, I've got a few hobbies/personal development things.
    1. Obstacle Course Racing. I'm doing an obstacle course on 21 October 2017, and I need to train for it.
    2. Music. I've got plans to learn to read and write music - it's a lot similar to learning a new language.
    3. Cooking. Currently, I'm a student of the Rouxbe Online Cooking School - I hope to complete the course this year.
    4. Reading. 
    5. Podcasts. 
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  12. Andre2807 added a post in a topic André - 90 day detox   

    So Day 2 came and went. Success!

    But of the three MIT's, I only did one. Part of the problem is that I have ADHD, and need either visual / physical reminders to do certain things - especially in the evenings, after dinner.
    Tonight, I don't have to cook, so the three MIT's of today are:

    1. Go for a run with my wife
    2. Clear personal email inboxes
    3. Uninstall Steam and games

    How Day 2 went:
    This is the funny thing about gaming. It occupies your brain - especially if it's a very thought provoking game. 

    So for Day 1 and Day 2, I have not played any games, nor did I watch/read/listen to anything related to video games, except for Game Quitters.

    Now that gaming isn't part of the plan for the day, my brain is free. What this does is truly fascinating.
    1. An unoccupied brain allows one to be present.
    2. It allows one to think deeper and clearer about another topic.
    3. Procrastination is less attractive.

    The link between procrastination and gaming:
    Procrastination, at its core, is task avoidance. Gaming was the "cure" for my procrastination. Ask anyone who procrastinates... It's often linked to a pleasurable/more enjoyable task to do instead.

    How does this relate to Day 1 and Day 2?

    The number one cause of my procrastination, is that I still consider myself as a "gamer". Doing Day 1 and Day 2 almost forcibly removes this definition of myself. I'm no longer a "gamer". Now, I'm a husband. I'm a friend. I'm a colleague. I'm a musician. I'm a home chef. A tax consultant.

    Procrastination though, needs a new friend. A new distraction. 

    I'm not going to give it one.

    My biggest challenge for this 90 day detox, is not to replace gaming with another distraction. Then I'm simply giving procrastination a new friend.

    Onto Day 3...

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  13. Andre2807 added a post in a topic Addiction Gimmick   

    This one could also work for when you want to game:

    "I'll do push-ups instead" Then actually do 10 of them.
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  14. Andre2807 added a post in a topic Illegible scribbles   

    Nailed it right on the head when you said "it never was just a one game".
    A mentor of mine once told me: Your direction, not your intention, determines your destination.
    Both you and I, must follow our intention to change everything - otherwise we'll just be heading the wrong direction, with all the right intentions in the back seat.
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  15. Andre2807 added a post in a topic André - 90 day detox   

    I'm reading Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink/Leif Babin. 
    It's a brilliant book about taking ownership of everything in your life.

    The downside is that reading such a book, is that whilst you're trying to take full ownership / responsibility for everything in your life, you're surrounded by people that does the opposite.
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