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Quitting Gaming as a Married Father and a PhD-Student

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Hello everyone, very excited to be here!

I would never imagine that I ever start quitting gaming. 

I used to play since my childhood, all started with Pokemon Gameboy game. I got beat up by my brother, my parents were psychologically destroyed, I had to look after my own safety and pleasure as a child. I lived alone in my room with my gameboy in my hands. I was a nice guy, never hurt anybody, maybe just for my own safety..

Then I grew up and I am a PhD-Student, 29 years of age, a father and a husband. I felt like I needed stopping playing games to focus on my  life progress..

I am not happily married to  be honest, but still, it's not really for my wife, it's about my  own self. I love progress, I love competition, but I realized that I use all this energy for pushing buttons and not to real things. I don't like to be deceived, but I was deceiving myself..

Yesterday I deleted all 10 games from my Laptop and 8 games from my Mobile phone. I want to stick to it.

Hope we have a succesful life together! Thank you for your  support

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Hey man, I fell you completly, and I can relate to you as I am a husband also and a father.  I recently relaspse and redeleted all my games and account and now I am doing the respawn program.  Keep up what you are doing and your chiled your and wife are probably preciouses even if it can be hard!  

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