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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

I'm back and worried!

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I have tried to quit gaming for a while now and it is hard. I have just come out a personal nightmare from being strapped down in the hospital because pf Schizophrenia and believe me its not fun I quit smoking for a month and 10 days/ I started back to smoking again yesterday despit being in mental and physical and emotional pain for almost 6 months. So I left the hospital on my birthday now what does it have to do with Gaming? Well I came home and started playing Call of Duty and it has really brought me down because I am always the worst player on any given match I am 59 years old and to be honest all these games require or put too much pressure on me to perform everyone wants you to play meta I am tired and worn out Literally. I am scared because not only has my life been altered and because I only feel negative about myself its killing me and with my imagination being a slightly better than some I cant for the life of me find for me personally what to do with myself at one point I wanted to get into Falconry but that requires a state and federal license and I dont have the room to take care of the Hawks and birds I would want to have. I used to put hours and hours in the guitar I finally gave that up because noone seemed to like my music. I feel lost and alone and dont know where to begin. I am outta control and need some help on this journey. Please for the Love of God someone give me something to make me feel good about myself not only for me but my entire family. Thanks for reading this.

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Welcome to the forum, i think you should look for a good therapist if you don’t already have one. Also a nice exercise is taking long walks in combination with counting your steps.

The purpose here is to prevent any thoughts and it works because you have to keep the counter (just imagine an electronic counter in front of you and keep adding to it with each step). When i did that, i managed to get to 19 000 steps without thinking about anything. It felt amazing and I called it the jammer technique, because you are essentially jamming the thinking autopilot in your brain. However this won’t solve the problem on its own. You need a targeted plan for recovery with a professional therapist whom you trust and are willing to act on.

Can you share for how long you have been under the control of video games? If video game addiction is serious you need to include that fact with your therapist in the recovery plan.

Kind regards

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