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Gamepad that gets you fit


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Just saw it in the news that a special large gamepad was designed weighing 30 kilograms and 1.5 metres in height. The aim is to develop the player’s muscles as he is struggling to press the buttons on it. It looks like an ordinary gamepad, only much larger (about the size of a large flat screen tv)

The idea is that you can’t really get hooked. You just tire yourself out after about half an hour of playing. 

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I'm skeptical of this. I once moved my desktop PC onto a standing desk, with the idea that I would get tired of standing and so spend more time away from the computer, even when I was working. Given the kind of work I do, I need to sit down and read actual books, or write notes with pen on paper, and even write drafts with pen on paper. I also had my students submit assignments on paper, so I could sit and read through them, scrawling my comments with a pen.

I also thought that, if I walk in place while I'm at the computer I can get a little exercise, maybe burn a few calories.

It didn't work.

I would stand and play for hours and hours, until my feet were swollen and numb, and my knees and hips ached. I ditched the standing desk for one that can be raised and lowered . . . and it generally stays lowered.

Anyway, you know another good way to get fit?

Dance a lot!

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