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im tired of being in the same cycle, Good bye Gaming!

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Hi I'm zetlyn I'm from Florida. I'm a video game addict specially when it comes to mobile games. las week i had my last relapse with gaming and I decided that's enough. started looking for groups and search for new alternatives to stop gaming. my new goal is to stop gaming and have a more fulfilling life and enjoy it with my GF find different hobbies that don't correlate to games. its a pleasure to meet you all.

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Welcome! It's a good step to take, though it can be difficult.

You might want to reconsider posting your full name, though, just for the sake of privacy.

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Welcome zetlyn. Can you share more about your current vocation? Are you a student or a full time worker? What kind of skills and experience you possess and what major goals would you like to achieve?

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