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[SOCIAL] What if there just aren't a lot of people in your area?

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I've always had a knack for making friends quickly--even while at the University I failed out of, I made many different friend groups with ease (and frankly, games were a way to hide from these people after "disappointing" them).

But the area that I live, there just isn't a whole lot of people around--certainly not a lot of young adults near my age group (that quasi group between teen and adult, 18-25?), and those that I knew either game compulsively like I used to, or have moved on past me into university/marriage/whatever else.

What do you all suggest for finding people in a community that just doesn't *have* a lot of people? I've considered posting fliers around town but I'm not necessarily the best at coordinating groups. 

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I’d say to look for peers in your field of work or study, or sport. During my placement year I was able to connect with many different types of people. I had a senior colleague who had worked for the World bank in the past and it was exciting to hear that rare type of English expat, who got a chance to visit the former Soviet republic of Kazakhstan. I felt like being transported back in time when he told me about the infrastructure development projects that he was part of.

Apart from that I made friends at the boxing gym. Another point is that you can use this moment to develop a very good discipline. Right friends come when you are a master of yourself.

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