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Make the Most of Your Time


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Hey everyone!

I know we are still in lockdown, but I want to stress to you to make the most of your time. As gamers, all we did was game, we were pretty bad at time management. This quarantine, as you've noticed has made binging, web-surfing, streaming and gaming especially skyrocket upwards. Even celebrities like singers or actors/actresses, who'd normally work their ass off are succumbing to games during this time. It honestly has been baffling to see how much people haven't known what to do. 

What I'm writing this for is simple, Make the Most of This Time. I know that restaurants are closed down and we can't go to the beach, or go to amusement parks or go to movie theaters. Things are closed down, for good reasons. However, being stuck at home is not an excuse to just binge Netflix or YouTube or something. You probably know that, and you probably know that quarantine is a time to pick up habits and work on goals you wouldn't normally have time for under normal circumstances. I see it as a way for you to build up good habits like crocheting, painting, gardening (Northern hemisphere is almost to spring), running, photography, woodworking, anything. These habits you build up will allow for great conversation starters when you are in your local coffee shop or at the office, even at school, when all this ends. 

Another point to make the most of this time is when things go back to normal. Something like this rarely happens. When life comes back most people will start hustling and grinding again. This is a good time to catch up to that level after those years of gaming. Also you may feel trapped right now, but again this situation is rare, so enjoy it. Enjoy the big amounts of time you have to schedule your day. Pick up new hobbies that will create a more likable experience. When we look back on this, most people will be like "ugh quarantine sucked," but are you going to be one of those people? Or are you going to look back at this and think "I got a lot out of that." 

I'm not trying to make this seem like some sort of motivational speech or anything, and veteran gamequitters will most likely already understand what I have said. Also I am not trying to force you to change your life style or offend anyone if watching some Netflix is something they enjoy. Everyone has their own preferences. I just wanted to inform you that making the most of your time, any time, not just during the pandemic is important. Life is short, and it's bugged me to see that celebrities and the CDC have encouraged games as a good hobby right now. It's disappointed me that so many people, besides work don't know what to do with their time. 

I just wanted to give the message to create positive experiences. No one wants to look back on their life or at any moment and say "I wasted that."

Hope you are all doing well



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