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Hey I am Steff.

I wanted to create an account for almost a year now and finally did it. Excuses like no time, no clear mind, open up online might be bad and so on...

I want to write more about myself but will do this later on, this is a first step to get the foot in the door!

What I aim at is to reduce all kinds of escape and mindless activity. Everyone might know that once you stop gaming you suddenly watch alot of series or eat alot out of boredom or anxiety.

So what i will do for 90 days:

1) Stop any kind of gaming

2) Stop buying sweets

3) Stop Video series + Anime + Manga

4) Stop Porn

5) Shifting Mindset from remembering only negatvie parts of my life or events to a more relaxed view

6) Use reddit only between 19.00 to 21.00


Sounds like a lot but it's worth trying. And obviously there are exceptions: Visiting friends and watching a movie together or trying a small piece of cake someone baked.

Have a nice day,



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Hey Steff! 

I am wishing you luck on your gaming detox! However, that is a lot of things to focus on. I really don't recommend trying get rid of ALL energy-taking things at once.  Doing so many things and keeping track of so many things can lead to less energy than you might have with one thing and can lead to a potential relapse. I'd say prioritize and choose the biggest things you want to overcome and do those first (but do it one at a time), for example:

1) Games 

2) Porn 

3) Video Series 

4) Reddit

5) Sweets

6) Negative thoughts

Idk if this is how you would prioritize it but however you do it, I strongly recommend tackling one thing at a time so you're not overwhelmed by making sure you didn't have sweets or watch anime. 

I'm not saying that you shouldn't try it, I am suggesting against doing so. If you are going to go ahead and try your current plan, I recommend meditating and journaling here. Meditation can ease up your body and calm your mind. It is also said those who meditate are less anxious and can deal with stress better than those who don't. Journaling here is great for accountability and everyone here is supportive!

Best of Luck



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