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Maybe gaming addiction?


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Hello everyone,

It was put to me a couple of weeks ago that i may have a gaming addiction and it had got me thinking. I have suffered with anxiety and depression for aslong as i have been playing video games. I have always just powered through all the negative symptoms, both physical and mental and used video games as a way to escape. Now im thinking that it maybe the other way around and that video games could be causing my depression and anxiety.

So i took the quiz on the home page and scored a 7/9 but possibly an 8/9 as one of the questions was about loss of previous hobbies, which was hard to answer as i havent had other interests in such a long time.

So tbh i dont know what to think or believe, and was looking for anyone that could point me in the right direction.



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Hey Richard. Welcome to the community. Being aware of your gaming problem is a big step on the road to recovery. Now that you no longer have an activity to "power-through" negative emotion states, you might feel a bunch of repressed thoughts and feelings rise back to the surface where they belong. That's okay. Take it slow and easy and Merry Christmas.

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Hi Richard! You´re taking the most important steps in the process. 1) You've accepted your condition; 2) You´re looking for change. And that's great! Most people get stuck in these 2 steps for years and years. I recommend you to seek for professional evaluation of your anxiety and depression symptoms, you'll benefit from it.

Now, take it easy and follow Cam's steps. If you nedd any help, we're here!

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