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Mateo's Introduction

Mateo Hoyos

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Hello! My name is Mateo Hoyos, and I am quitter. 

I have played games throughout my life, in an on and off manner, and I can't even remember when it started. I would like to begin with my early memories of playing some "James Bond" game I don't even remember the name of. I played it in the xbox 360, and boy was it a blast! I played a campaign of sorts and local multiplayer. Afterward, I learned that you could play on other devices such as pcs and phones. So, my next device was the iPad. I downloaded games from the App Store and when I got bored of them I downloaded more. I occasionally played on the PC but found it less convenient since I had to be at my aunts house in order to use it. 

One time I got a gift from my cousin. It was a playstation portable. I played metal slug, Medal of Honor, CoD, and much more. I couldn't get enough of those battles and all the hectic action. It got to the point where my dad had to take it away from me because it was "detrimental". I eventually got an iPad of my own and went through the same process and once I got a PS4 it got much worse. After a while I started doing online school and it was nice, because I had more time to spend on games. Then a buddy of mine introduced me to this "awesome game" called "Roblox" and you guys can probably tell how downhill it went from there. I played right after I woke up and late and night. It was madness. I couldn't realise  I had an addiction problem until later on. My dad had me delete roblox but after a while I managed to convince him I was not addicted anymore and I had the will power to control myself (yeah right). 

I may be skipping some things because I don't remember as of right now, but all I can tell you is that cycle kept going with every new game that released. Fortnite was the downfall of me. I managed to go a few months without playing but eventually found myself playing some phone game again. I started once again a few weeks ago but as you may be able to tell, I don't keep track of it because I didn't think it was important up until now. I played Cod this weekend and so the counter starts all over again. 

I am not only addicted to Videogames, I am also addicted to YouTube and Web surfing. I find the latter more terrifying. I have managed to not use YT for a couple of days at a time but I unconsciously go back to it. I am determined to achieve this goal of mine and I will use this website as a tool to make it a reality. One day I'll be just like you Master Cam. Just you wait...

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Welcome Mateo! Glad you are joining our community here on this forum 🙂 I very much suggest you start a Daily Journal so we can know how things are going for you.

You got this!!! Joining GameQuitters is a big step towards getting rid of those addictions and habits, so congrats on making it this far already!


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