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Starting this a little late but here it goes.


At the time of this writing, I have hit the 30 day mark.

The goals I have currently achieved:

- STEAM, GoG, DCS, WoT, IL-2, RoF, and other gaming accounts are currently in the process of being permanently deleted. Only account I know of right now that is not being deleted is Escape from Tarkov because those guys are extremely unhelpful and a bunch of c*nts. Made my account un-recoverable by setting it to go to an email that no longer is in use and I can't recover anyway.

- Took up guitar, hanging with coworkers, restarted Bikram hot yoga, restarted hiking, and looking into taking up a new language. (Possibly Spanish as I have some experience in it, or Chinese just because). Also am getting back into shooting M1 Garands and .22 pistols competitively. 

- I have been to counseling and still have 8 more sessions available. My employer will provide more if necessary. 

- I have a psychiatrist appointment soon to address my underlying depression that has been going on for years, un-treated.

- Still working on my relationship with my girlfriend. This is the biggest stress I have right now. Some days are hopeful and others are hopeless. Just need to be patient and realize that my addiction caused a lot of damage to our relationship that my not be recoverable.

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