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Something I am tired of doing

royal panda

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I am tired of not taking risks I am tired of possibly not making my dream or anything I achieve, this fear of failure and risks is what's stopping me in the first place. But now I have made up my mind that I am gonna take risks every time I am making a decision towards my dream. The safe route the enclosed route is not optimal. Think of any famous person. For example Michael Jordan. He didn't make his high school basketball team, however after, he didn't not play basketball ever again. He kept playing and practicing to make it. Even though there was a chance he wouldn't he probably would have kept practicing or if not he knew he would have tried instead of not trying at all. So thats what I am going to try and do with my dreams. Let me know if you have advice for beating the comfort zone.

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something we gamers develop over time is risk calculation or risk paralysis.  if its not 100% certain, we dont take the risk.

we gear up instead

we wait until we're strong enough

we wait

but the outcome isnt what we can control, its our actions.  if we sit around like turtles or donkeys, we'll wait and wait and wait until our opportunity has long passed.  we will never know.

so take action now, think later.  what ur thinking is good

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and if y-you ready to take the risk... i-ill join u and t-take the risk.

pepega style.  squadW style.  we'll ride the hills.  we'll ride the mountains. we'll  feast on the bones of our enemies.  and at the end of the day, we'll look back, and see what brought us here today. our actions. not the fear in ours minds.  


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