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Hey (again) everyone and nice to meet you.

My name is Max and to be quite frank my story with gaming is not by any means unique or engaging. Like many, I've tried to quit multiple times and after successes followed by failures I came back to seek a better and more fulfilling life - the one gaming cannot provide. I mainly played competitive MOBAs so I understand the unwinding process is going to be pretty complex yet I can confidently say I'll give it my best. A few of my goals for the next 30 days without getting too much into details:

1. Rebuild my company after it almost went bankrupt because of my bad habits

2. Rebuild interest and attachment to my hobbies and positive habits

3. Find like-minded people outside gaming

Thanks for reading, I wish you all the best and hope you too can achieve your highest potential.


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Welcome technica, I wish you luck on all your goals! We will all be here to support you! Can I ask, what hobbies are you starting to rebuild attachment to? If you write them down, then from there you can ask people you know who don't game if they know anyone who shares the same hobby, maybe they even might!





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