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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Journal- Doshiewa


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Day 1 21/10/2020 :

·         Having issues with getting work done at community college and getting a job to pay bills.

·         Sleeping for the whole day then playing video games for the whole night

·         Diet is bad, was doing keto for 7 days then it was completely abandoned

·         I quit pornography for 20 days then relapsed due to doing nothing but play games

·         Impulsive spending habits on video games and food

·         Decided to go cold turkey today to get my life in order.

 Few goals I have set are:

o   Not to play games for at least 90 days or more.

o   Use the keto diet consistently

o   Run every second day

o   Get to the gym 4 days a week

o   Get a job

o   Finish IT course

o   Look and feel incredibly healthy

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