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My introduction

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Hello, all forum members.

I am Martijn from the netherlands, and i am 22 years old. 

I can not realy remember exactly when i first started playing video games, but it was before my teenage years for sure.  I have autism spectrum discorder and i am a strong introvert,  which affects many things in my life but i will only talk about the relevant parts.First  I have had dificultiers with social interaction, i have made improvements over the years. I hate small talk and prefer too only talk about my special interests which are Science fiction, politics, history and visual arts. Gaming gave my some comfort when trying to become friends with others, if i did not like them i could delete them from my friend list and there would be no big consequence.    Secondly gaming gives my structure which i did not have much of after i graduated, you can call it a escape from choas. Thirdly i can conceptualized big steps in life like quiting video games but realisticly achievable smaller steps have been a problem for my.

I would like to moderate my video game hours to something like 4 hours a day max, bescause with the epedimic i do not see any hard activities at home that i can do for long periods of them.  When i am in control of how many hours i play, i would like to spend more time making visual art like,  making custom fonts with vectors or creating my own music tracks. the second thing i would like is too find friends who think at the same level as my and do not play video games regulary


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