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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

on day 7 and i feel awful!!!


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I just want to cry i hate life without video games!!! but if i play video games i feel overly stressed, but  i also have horrible anxiety without video games. I am having a couple beers to try to calm myself cos i figure its better to have a couple beers now than break my game free streak.

Im gonna try to tough it out to 90 days, tbh i dont think ill make it 90 but ill try my best. I know there are 60+ hobbies out there, but all those things sound boring to me and i dont want to do any of them!!!!

I keep having memories of final fantasy and Skyrim and bannerlord and it feels like the biggest piece of me is missing!


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It's not just a matter of changing behavior as you are experiencing now. 

It's also a battle of will, emotions and mind. It will require mindset changes and a willingness to try those new things instead of instantly thinking those things are boring. 

In all honesty, the stuff that we often think as boring in our youth are the things that contribute the most to our future. 

Try learning a coding language or something practical like that. 

For all you know you may come to love it in the future. 

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