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Well, hello there


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Hello there everyone, I hope you all are doing well.


I'm a guy from Spain who has invested countless hours into gaming, just like many of you might have. In my case, I think it is now safe to say that gaming has determined my life past and future. I think so because of how it has affected my personality, relationships, choices, path in life, etc.

I've discovered this site just recently and the fact that I've come to the point of writing an introduction in this forum tells me that I've finally recognized gaming for what it is: an addiction, at least for me. Luckily though, some good soul has decided to rise this website so that it can be of help to others, and that's awesome in this day and age.

At the moment of writing these lines I am not feeling very well about my addiction (no drama here, just a little bit of introspection), so allow me to call it a day and forgive me for a scarce introduction. For now, I am eager to read as many stories as possible, learn from them and maybe I can even contribute too.


Best of regards.


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¡Hola amigo!

¿Tu hablas Español?


Welcome to the forums. You are in the right place with your goals. I recommend starting a journal, don't worry if it is not formatted and is rambling, it helps so much to get your thoughts out, especially during times of weakness when you feel like you are being overcome with cravings.

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