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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hello fellows :) It is nice to meet you!

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"I can't make the raid tonight. Got bit by the quit gaming bug. Reevaluating my life..."

And here we go for attempt N+1! Let's learn from prior attempts, try a new strategy and get this gaming addiction boss down this time!

I am in my mid 30s and I've been playing games on and off since I was a kid. The ONs were destructive death spirals every time. The OFFs were dizzying advancements in career, fitness and personal life. And yet I keep alternating... I don't want to alternate!

So my gaming progression was top student in high school and one of the best young programmers -> Quake 2, CS, WoW -> failing a whole semester of college, insane loneliness... Quitting WoW... -> Finishing college, securing amazing job, passing half of my professional exams, marrying, starting a business -> Playing WoW and League -> Failing to pass second half of professional exams, nearly loosing my job, failing my business partners, divorce... Quitting WoW... -> Proposing and finishing amazing project at work, publishing a paper, giving speech at a major professional conference, getting an even more amazing job -> Playing WoW Classic -> Not doing much at my new job and playing insane amounts of WoW, and here I am quitting gaming because I know how this story ends if I don't!


To me gaming (and WoW especially) does fill the:

- social need (guild is a social place, 2 guilds are twice as social, always someone online who I "know")

- achievement need (but to maintain it I need to put increasingly more time... life became work -> sleep -> game... and work is often daydreaming about game and being unproductive because of lack of sleep)

- something to do when bored (I love snowboarding and social activities, but everyone is on quarantine so I slipped into "casual" gaming as a pastime and then it ate my life!)


Sad part is that I knew I can't be casual gamer... And yet I tried anyway... So I am here to learn more about myself and quit this time for good. I haven't tried a group like this before, and I think it would certainly be very helpful to quit in a more scientific and more supported way 🙂

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Hey, PolarBear! Great to have you on the forum. Thank you for sharing your story and for taking the steps to quit for good. The first step is usually the hardest step to do, which is saying 'enough is enough' and taking action. Kudos to you for joining. Looking forward to help you with your journey.


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