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Cold turkey day


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I’m planning on telling my gaming friends individually that I’m quitting gaming for LIFE.

Also I’m planning what hobbies and goals I’m going to replace it with.

Im getting my affairs in order, but I feel as if im driving at a cliff full speed. Not sure what’s gonna happen if I’m gonna fly or crash.

I feel like people close to me aren’t gonna believe me or take it seriously.

just some self doubt would like to hear what y’all have to say.

p.s. Not a pity party, I don’t need that

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I felt a bit like that at first as well. I was worried what they would think, how they would react etc. Finally I told them, and a few supported me, and then some thought I was crazy, and that's most likely what will happen. Of course it hurts when the people who you are close with don't believe you, but all in all, you can prove them wrong and make them feel guilty for not doing so. Also if your friends call you crazy or anything, with the hobbies you're planning, you will find people who share the same interests and create new bonds that way. So basically what I am trying to say, is no matter the outcome when you tell them, remember you're doing this for YOU, not for them or their approval.

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Thank you for responding, I’m slowly becoming more used to the idea. It’s hard sometimes when you KNOW how they’re gonna react.

Especially my father, he’s gonna think it’s just another one of my quitting / self improvement fads. In a week he’ll be asking me if I wanna game, even if I tell him I never want to again.

I guess I’m scared of the hurt of him not believing in me...

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I actually went to see a counselor about this problem.  He listened to me for an hour and suggested: "Maybe you don't need to quit.  Maybe just dial it back a bit". 

You'll do much better once you realize that building a life is hard, and fun, and frustrating, and the most rewarding thing you can spend your time on.  You'll have moved from rewarding yourself for nothing all the time to actually respecting yourself.  

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Wow so I stopped viewing the forums because I wasn’t getting notifications of replies I figured it was just dead.

Thanks for your response yahoo, I actually did exactly that.

I uninstalled all my single player games I would play all day and started just playing multiplayer games with my friends only, restricting me to about 3 hours a day instead of 6-8.

Its hard to fill the time because all I have to do seems like work to me, but I do feel better with my choices.

Now my gaming feels a bit more like a hobby instead of an addiction, it’s only been a week, but as time goes on I’ll fill in how it’s going.

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