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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hello! Time to kick my gaming habits for good!

Jake Jaspen

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Greetings ex-gamers! My name is Jake and I'm a music producer & teacher living in Melbourne, Australia. I've been gaming since childhood, as I'm sure many of us born in the 90's will understand, and has been something that I feel has too much control over me for many years. I'm definitely not gaming as heavily as I was a few years ago while at university, but it's still taking up way too much of my time and I feel guilty after every day off work that's wasted just sitting in front of a screen all day.

I'd say the main reason I haven't been able to quit for good is the social connections through gaming. Being able to talk to close friends and my brothers regularly and very conveniently through gaming is something I struggle to replace but that's why I'm glad I've found this community. I'm confident that my other hobbies, especially my music career, will provide much healthier stimulation and growth but I just need the accountability and support network.

If there is anyone that's also in Australia (ideally Melbourne!) that wants to get a little group going where we can catch up frequently and hold each other accountable, please drop a reply and let's make it happen! Otherwise, I'm excited to finally give quitting a solid attempt and start living my life the way I want.

Stay true friends!

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G'day Jake! There used to be quite a few of us crawling all over the forums, but lately it feels like I am the last one left.

Not really sure how much catching up is a good idea there in Sicktoria! Happy to talk to you online though. I get the social aspect that you're talking about, ever since I walked away from online gaming I have really struggled to find friends or have friends, but a big element of that for me is that I have also moved around a lot so haven't had a chance to build up a new circle of friends. I had a little bit of a breakdown last week from being so lonely.

What may be happening though is that there is plenty of people around to make new friends with, but you have had your blinkers on by being so focused on gaming. Now that the blinkers are off, the opportunities might start presenting themselves.

Have you started your journal?

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Woohoo! Happy to see a fellow Victorian. Online works for me - I was thinking of getting a small group together to just check in ideally every day. That sucks to hear about how lonely you are feeling. While I lost my immediate group of friends back in Perth, I've made enough new ones here through work and music so I don't feel like I need to find an alternative social circle, just engage with the ones outside of gaming more often.

I'll be keeping a journal but not on the forums. I feel like I can be more honest with myself if I know nobody else will read it.

Thanks for stopping and saying hi! 

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