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What I did today!

Today I woke up and went to online school until 12:00pm.  After I went to a dentist appointment and went thrifting right after.  I came back home around 4pm and took a long ass nap (it was a 6 hour nap). I woke up at 10:57pm and went to do some history and science homework that was due today. I finished my homework and called   one of my emo's and one of my Unni's very shortly though.  After speaking with them, I went onto Roblox to play a strategy game (idk why, but the game keeps my mind off of the addiction).  I played for like 30 minutes and then went to YouTube to watch Quackity and I ate some of a burger with ranch.  I'm pretty sure I'm gonna go edit an webtoon right now because I feel like editing something, but I don't want that to be yaoi.  I have all my you edits downloaded so that I can remake them but with webtoons. The reason being why I remake them is so I don't need to think about stuff to edit and needing inspiration because that shit takes way too long to think about if you have an editors block lol.  Anyways, that's all I really did today and overall I'm happy.  I'll check back with you guys tomorrow. Bye!  


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