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I am Liz. I feel like an idiot, addicted to video games? Well I believe I am as well as other addictions. I am in two 12 step programs. It seems like I put down one thing and up pops another. I have come to the conclusion that I am an escape artist, escape from life that is. I am a procrastinator and will go to any lengths to accomplish this. Thanks to the 12 twelve steps I have a very hard time lying to myself and others, and for this I am grateful.

My husband just had surgery for lung cancer (excellent results) and is due to be discharged tomorrow. Instead of cleaning my dirty home to prepare for his homecoming I have been playing online games! I thought, "what is wrong with you, what are you doing"? I am not young, I am a professional and I present a totally different persona to the world (one of being calm, and well put together) all of which is not true! Many years ago a therapist told me, "you're a master of the game", and she did not mean it as a compliment. Meanwhile, what I'm feeling on the inside is total chaos!

I read about keeping a daily journal online. I thought, "I can't bother people with that" yet I am always available to help others............

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Welcome to the forums. 

Got a tip for you that has worked for me. 

Ever thought of making a conscious decision to change your identity (how you view yourself)? 

For example, state to yourself that you are:

  • An adult, not a child
  • A wife who cares for her husband, not a gamer who avoids her responsibilities

Making this change of identity in your mind will help shape your behavior patterns when quitting games. 

I believe you can break this cycle. It just takes initiative on your part to get the job done. 

The fact that you are here in the Game Quitter forums is a good start. 😄 

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Hi Liz,

I just finished my 90 day detox. I feel this was absolutely life changing for me and also this was just the start. Now that I have finished 90 days with video games I have just started 90 days with a YouTube detox.

My advice is if you have this uncomfortable feeling that you want to play games or procrastinate for any reason, just acknowledge the feeling and just sit with it. Allow yourself to feel uncomfortable and uneasy. Don't run from it. Just be uncomfortable until it passes. I guarantee you it will pass within 5 minutes. It might come back again 10 minutes later, but all you have to do is sit with it again until it passes.

This will let you break the cycle and reclaim your life. It really worked for me.

All the best,


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