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My Daily Journal


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Day 1


This is the beginning of my 90 day detox. It's going to be difficult, but I'm going to push through it. Today is just the starter, but with each journal I will aim to set up more goals.

Today I'm going to go to bed earlier and attempt for a 6:00am wake up. Tomorrow I would like to kick start my runs again and focus on working out. The quarantine has made me pretty lazy and I've done essentially nothing to keep my body in shape (gaming hasn't helped). I would also like to give meditation a try again. Tomorrow I'll work on getting a list started of things I would like to do. Daily, weekly, and then eventually monthly. I'll set up a basic weekly goal for now and flesh it out more as the week progresses.

Weekly Goals:

Finish the book I'm currently reading - Leviathans Wake (by James. S. A. Corey), play my guitar a bit again, and spend some more time learning Ableton Live 10. I would like to dedicate more time to cleaning my computer area and my bedroom as well as cook dinner


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