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Hi, everyone!

I have recently decided to quit gaming an I haven't already played any games for about a week, but here the problems come... So, I have done with my Steam, Origin, GOG,,any type of gaming platform as I persuaded myself to stop playing. The main problem is that I played about 1k hours in World of Tanks (further - wot) from the open beta (2010) aaaand.... my father has played even more than me: about 2-2.5k hours. Playing this game make us extremely nervous (all these unfair "not penetrated", "we hit them, but not penetrated", awful matchmaking system, disgusting physics, etc., you would know if ever you played that), sometimes we have even argued with our relatives because of wot (as because of any other game). We didn't feel any pleasure and were playing as we're just ADDICTED, but my dad doesn't realize that. The other big problem for me: sometimes I feel urges while my father is playing as I decided to quit and wot is extremely addictive. At those moments I feel much more uncomfortable rather than I usually do. Sometimes my dad even rages about his teammates which confirms that he doesn't have any positive emotions from wot.


IMPORTANT: I have tried to suggest him other less addictive games, reading books, watching films, doing some sports, going outside, finding new hobbies, telling him and showing some videos about how bad wot is, but never helps. Also, my dad is 40 y.o. and I know that playing dynamic games such as Quake is a bit difficult for him due to the age. I've been trying to show him patents about wot matchmaking system, but he doesn't believe me. The main idea of those documents : the better you play - the more you suffer. (The patents : https://patents.google.com/patent/US8425330B1/en )

Please, sorry for my grammar mistakes if I made them.

I will be thankful to you for your advice!

Have a nice day!

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I think you have good intentions because you love your father. I'd just tread lightly here. I haven't played video games in 77 weeks. I clearly understand how they are addictive and bad for people with addiction issues. That being said, I can't try to make others quit. I had two roommates who were severely addicted to video games. They both got angry at me when I quit. I didn't even try to get them to quit. They'd just see me happier. They stopped talking to me over time and now we rarely speak. 

I also have a parent who's addicted to eating poorly and smoking cigarettes. I try to explain how I was able to quit eating junk food, social media for 79 weeks, and gaming for 77 weeks. They don't care and they don't want to hear it. People with addictions know the addictions are bad. They sometimes continue to be addicts to escape their own responsibilities of quitting their addictions because they know it's too tough.

My point is I think you should only focus on yourself right now. You mentioned you're only 1 week into quitting. You need to focus on yourself right now. I didn't stop craving video games until almost 120 days of not gaming. That's a third of a year or 20+ weeks. You'll be stretching yourself thin emotionally and mentally if you're trying to get someone to quit with you and you might encounter a situation where you get stressed out and take out your stress on them in the process.

Focus on yourself, see if you can improve your life, and if your father recognizes you have a better life then maybe you'll influence him to change his ways. There's two kinds of leaders: the silent leader who shows you how it's done, and the verbal leader. But verbal leaders need to walk the walk when they talk the talk. 

Good luck.

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