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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Here to support!

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Hi all,

I am glad to be a part of this and want to support however I can. Here's some information about me:

My name is Jeff, I am 28. I've been hanging out in the subreddit a little bit, but I want to do more to support.

I spent most of my life addicted to the following games: Runescape (I was in the top 50 players worldwide and this took up a good 15 hours per day of my time), and Super Smash Bros (I played competitively and helped a few people organize tournaments). Despite me having that level of success in games, I was obese, depressed, had a lot of anxiety, some suicidal thoughts, terrible relationships with my family, I was terrible with women, had a hard time focusing at my jobs, etc. 

I now no longer play online games. I've even overcome my obesity, and through the help of people such as Tony Robbins, Viktor Frankl, Stephen Covey, Brendon Burchard, James Clear, etc as well as learning about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Dialectical behavior therapy,  I have successfully conquered the vast majority of the problems I had. I feel significantly more energy and excitement for life, and have learned skills that have helped with my interpersonal relationships a lot. I also now work as an academic and vocational coach at an organization which helps people with addictions in general.

I continue to educate myself through reading one book per week about personal growth, relationships, psychology, finances, leadership, spirituality, you name it. I am also taking courses through Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi, and Brendon Burchard. In May, I will also be certified as a high performance coach through Brendon Burchard. I've realized the power of telling your story, so my goal is to help people "level up in life."

I haven't quit gaming as a whole. Though at this point, I've identified that not only do I not find any lasting value or enjoyment in games, and that allowing myself to game in any capacity makes me feel lethargic, fall out of my routines, and goes against what my goals are. So while I am here to support you, I am also here to continue working on myself.

I am excited to get to know you!


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Hey Jeff, thank you for sharing! I feel like more and more people are both struggling and overcoming their addiction nowadays, specially with everything that is going on with the pandemic, so I'm glad that people like you are willing to come and see how the can support others.


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      I am so glad to have found this website.Cam , thank you for making this happen. 
I am still looking for how to write a journay on this forum lol. I quit gaming five days ago. World of warcraft was the game I was addicted to for over 13 years and lost my marriage over it gradually and ended up in divorce. Still , I love WOW classic so I came back and subscribe it for a month.I just unsubscribe it already. Man, I could not stop playing all night. I was thinking to play it in moderation. I don't think I can do that in moderation.  In the morning, I felt terrible about myself and don't want to eat. And I search how to quit gaming. I saw your post and you tube videos. AWESOME tips. After I saw your stories of the people around the world, and your Tedxtalk. Man, I feel like I have to change me and do 3 months detox with no gaming, even on mobile.I am now living with my brother who is game addict to wow. I am seeing him every day playing. But I am gonna try to not play for three months straight. Lets see what is gonna happened. I am gonna replace the habbit with reading and taking care of my daughter's future. Improving my self.

I hope you more success in reaching more people from all around the world and keep up the good work.

Thank you again for stepping up for this generation coming,

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Just to add more:)
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New member...

had quit Jan 1 this year...( so would have made the 90 day) and  just started playing again.  More and more each day.   Glad to find this forum. I’m a 77 years old female..don’t want to waste the rest of my life this way though if I get covid-19, I’ll give myself permission.  Thanks so much for everyone who’s posted and for recorded videos...like relapsed.   It’s only been 3 days since I started again.....I will go to this forum every time I want to play.  Have already wasted YEARS on games.  Thanks for being here.  

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Hello Sankirk,,

       I am really glad you accept that you want to quit the gaming like I want to , I feel you having that urge to keep playing for the story line and brain is commanding you automatically. Today is the second day of checking on this forum. I did not play games. 
You can do it To quit the game and do other wonderful things. I believe we just have to commit to do something for others in services. 
I am typing this listening my language music. I love classic music. 
You can also ask yourself what is the most important thing you want out of your life? I have been asking myself. As a buddhist , I know that the freedom, liberation from suffering is our main goal ( to reach Nivirna through Meditation ). 
Replace gaming with other hobby like Cam post in Game quitter website.
Good Night:)

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On 5/2/2020 at 1:56 PM, Havey said:

What change do you feel made the biggest impact on your life? What advice would you give someone on finding their purpose/mission/ work calling?

Thank your for asking Havey,

     To be honest, I am still seeking my own calling. But one thing for sure, playing game is just one of escaping way numbing our mind, being super selfish for our children (if we have young kids ), their future, because we can make a big difference in their life focusing our time to  them for a better life, and develop our life as well. I have one kid. I know I have to commit to make sure my kid is well raised to know what is right and wrong, to choose good or bad. I have to be a good father through being a better parent because kid can not change their parent. We can change ourselves and then , we will find a way to influence other around us. 
Gaming addiction really numbed my mind not to care about building my family( ended up in divorce )  , did not listen to no one to have a great family (Regret of course ), depression got me  with over weight, I did change myself ,waking up early and run for a whole year every single day, lost like 50 lbs :), 

My advice for someone on find their purpose/mission /work calling is to know your self by asking questions why we want to play the game. Accept that we are game addicts after doing the test in this website evaluation. (WE HAVE TO ADMIT WE HAVE A PROBLEM AND ACCEPT IT). That is the most important step to find the hint of our purpose ( I believe it  from Cam ) .Do not be a mind slave to ourself in chain because we are not free at all.  What do we really want for our life? I ask myself that what I want for real? 
Thank you for asking question , I was thinking there will be no-one paying attention (Negative thoughts) to my post :),
One thing I know that I do not know the answer yet, I am still a searcher ,a seeker for liberation and freedom. 

Thank you for reading 🙂
Hope for the best on this great journey together,

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