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March Recap - What Are You Celebrating?


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Hi Everyone, 

We've hit some dark times over the course of this year, but we can't let that derail us. It's important to focus on some of the good things in life. The rules are similar to last month. Write a brief paragraph or two, or even a statement about something you're proud of yourself doing last month or a milestone you reached!

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I lost 5 pounds last month through counting calories. I'm not trying a new diet. I'm just using math. If I'm hungry, but only have about 100 calories I'm finding that I'll actually make a healthier snack. I don't really snack anymore though. I'll post the details in my diary. 

I also 3d modeled without tutorials and went a full 9 days without watching porn. 

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10 minutes ago, James Good said:

I'll be honest I read that as meth...

Counting calories really is magical. It's so simple it feels like it shouldn't work, but it works better than anything else out there. It also makes you eat much healthier.


I think I can celebrate uploading 30 videos in 30 days, and finally taking the steps in building my own business and pursuing freelance work. I've got all the steps mapped out, now I just need to execute.

Oh yeah, I also didn't play any video games! Guess that's cause for celebration.

Great job. 30 days of videos vs 30 days of video games. Which feels better?

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