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NoGaming vs ModerateGaming


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As I read about relapsing topics here very often, I wanted to write about my current state of no-gaming.
Maybe it helps someone or gives you an idea what you face and what you could change.

First off, I do not stigmatize videogames (like Cam said in one of his videos, it's not the videogames who are a problem it's yourselve).
Some people can quit a videogame after 1 Hour with ease, others can't.
Luckily I almost always was one of the first group.
I just sunk into videogames when playing with friends.
Interrestingly when I was not arround with them to play, we had more fun session when I rarely showed up, then when always gaming together.

So here are some thoughts about moderation and what might help you:

1. Set a timelimit

This is an important thing for me. Set a timelimit for entertainment. Like watching tv and playing videogames.
I set a timelimit for 1 Hour, stopping even movies before they where finished. This war hard at the start, becouse I wanted to know how they ended.
After a while it got easier, since I stopped viewing entertainment as the most significant thing in society.

2. Choose what you watch and play

A good documentary is more motivating than a Hollywood blockbuster and you learn something.
When I play a videogame (I own no Television), I only do play games who are roundbased (if online).
Also one round does not last more than 20 Minutes (3 Rounds in one hour is more satisfying than 1 Game an hour of LoL for example).
I also noticed, I sometimes even do not play 3 rounds, but quit the game after 1 round straight.
Games with MMO elements are a nogo for me nowadays. Those are like a second job.

3. Do your important stuff before you sit down to play a videogame

This has an enormous psychological effect for me. First of all I get more enjoyment out of the videogame and I feel the difference in wasting time to being protuctive.
Also it's a good thing to reward yourselve. It makes things you do not like easier to do.

4. Do not play videogames at night

This should be obvious. They keep me awake, it's easier to do an all nighter with them.
Getting up reseted the next day makes such a difference.
Also your automatically tired late at the day, if you wake up early.

5. Do not feel bad about yourselve

If you do not finish a game once a month or even a week, within your timelimit, do not punish yourselve.
You only start learn the different aspects in live. The important point is to make it better the next day.
For example, you finished all your important tasks, you do not know what else to do, you feel good,
so I say in this circumstance it's ok to be sucked into a videogame or entertainment.
You will also notice, that if you are not in balance and there are tasks to finish other than gaming,
videogames are (by a lot) not that fun.

6. Do not let yoursleve go

This is related to the last advice. Shure it's ok to sit down once in a while if you finished with everything important.
But don't loose your goals. Instead of gaming you could also do different tasks.
This is the most important advice. Before you sit down to play a videogame, do something different (without the involvement of computers at best).

What does help you to moderate gaming? Do you can moderate yourselve?

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