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Day 71 of non gaming:

It's a rainy day and reminiscent of a beginning of spring, reminding me of the days I would play games on my couch at home in my youth - the only days I would feel comfortable and safe: that the loneliness of having no friends on beautiful sunny beautiful days would dissipate. 

I'm on day 71 and this day is difficult. The last week i've been having flashbacks. Today I seriously considered getting some games downloaded... but an overwhelming exhaustion came over me... the exhaustion of beginning a new game, the exhaustion, remembering the exhaustion of gaming till no game could satasfy the craving... the boredom. 

An Exhaustion of having no interest in anything - and a loss of interest in whatever it was that I was playing... yet would play anyway. 


So this morning, I'm filled with emotions... irritation, anger, and frustration. 

I really want to watch some youtubes of people gaming, or trailers of upcomings.

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Hello, I recognize you're struggle as I've struggled with gaming too obviously. I think it's a good idea to do what you're doing and focus on the reason you stopped gaming. "It was exhausting, boring and nothing could satisfy your craving." For me it's that it just wasn't fun anymore. I remember playing and feeling awful as well. Low self-esteem and just like I was doing nothing good with my time or life. I don't want to feel that way again so when I think about gaming I think about why I decided to stop. Good luck.

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