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NEW VIDEO: I Quit MMOs and THIS Happened

Hello, my name is Swid and I'm a gaming addict


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So glad I found this forum as I am having trouble kicking this addiction on my own. I'm not sure how much I should write here, my story is quite long if I were to explain everything that happened which made me end up here. But in short, I realized I had a problem 2,5 years ago when I had a psychosis. It lasted about 24 hours with smaller persisting for a week. I had been neglecting sleep, smoking weed regularly, and drinking heavy every weekend for at least a year leading up to it. I was not happy, and I was doing everything to not confront that fact.

After the wake-up call I went into therapy, initially for alcohol and weed but I was able to quit that over night without problem (I just needed a good reason to quit). So I focused on my addiction to gaming (mainly League of Legends) in the therapy, and after a couple of months I was completely "clean".

Now, my problems have started again with the release of WoW Classic, a game I used to play with my brother and friends as a teenager. I desperately wanted to relive the nostalgia. I set a goal of 8h / week, max 2h / session, and never later than 10pm. That didn't last long and I was soon consumed with the game, thinking about it constantly when I wasn't playing, and lying to my girlfriend about how much I actually play. I was able to see the problem and quit for a month, but now I'm back again.

I am still not sure why I can't just play moderately. I am happier than before the psychosis, but apparently not enough to resist the pull of this alternative world. Maybe I am just lazy, confronting emotions is hard work and gaming is the easy way out.




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Hello, welcome to the forum. 

I hope you can find the energy and help here that you are hoping for. 🙂

Why is it always League of Legends? It is crazy how many people were playing this game. I was always more addicted to Rocket league. ^^

32 minutes ago, Swid said:

I am still not sure why I can't just play moderately.

Maybe because the moment, we do it again, all those positive feelings, we experienced and all the memories kick back in, which just make it a lot harder for us to resist. I am not sure to be honest.

33 minutes ago, Swid said:

Maybe I am just lazy

I don't think that you are lazy. At first, you are just fulfilling a "need" of yours. Be kind to yourself. 🙂


Hope to see more from you!

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Thanks for the welcoming words!

1 hour ago, Alexanderle said:

Why is it always League of Legends?

Haha, good question! It's easy to get a sense of progress and the games are short, so very easy to loose the sense of time. I think it shares a lot of things with RocketLeague as well.. game developers have become too good at knowing what button to push to keep us playing!

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