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Dealing with a TV addiction


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Shifting your habbits to something else after you did quit something is normal behaviour.

It's the most dangerous behaviour of all.
You can see this behaviour with smoking, eating or buying addictions.

The easiest way would be to sell your tv. Another solution would be to set a time limit.

It depends how much time for your personal growth you spend each day.

If you watch movies for 1 hour a day for example, I would not see it as problematic.
But only if you work on yourselve for the rest of free time you have avaliable each day.

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Addiction will not be good and have many effects on health. I think you should change your lifestyle and change your schedule. However I find that mobdro is a good application and requires a download. Mobdro is an application to watch TV, movies and free entertainment programs worldwide popular in 2020. Download mobdro 2.1.88 days to have the experience.

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