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Introduction from a former gamer. and requesting advice

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I stopped playing video games over one year ago.  

I have a friend who I think is addicted.  He games until the early hours of the morning, and sleeps in until he can wake up and the routine starts all over again.  I don't think he has a steady job right now.  I suspect he doesn't really want to work that much so he can game all day.  He just bought a new expansion too, and I'm pretty sure he's gaming because it's money invested, and it's easier to game during Winter season.  At least that's what I assume.  

Sometimes I don't say much about my life now to him, because he doesn't have a lot going on.  My life now is very different than it was when I gamed.  I think that if I discuss my hobbies with him, it will make him feel bad.

I have some questions for this community:

1)  Did you quit games because somebody influenced you to?  Work colleague, spouse, friend, sibling, parent, etc?

2)  Did you ignore the person who pointed out that you have an addiction?  

3)  Did you feel uncomfortable around people who had other hobbies going on in their life besides gaming?

4)  Did you cut off friendships with people who are non-gamers?

Thanks for your time.  I'm accepting the fact that I can't change this person, but that hopefully I can be a positive influence because I don't play video games anymore, and that my life is fulfilling in other ways.  If you have any other suggestions about what I can do as a friend, let me know.


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It might be easier if you said how old your friend is.  I quit gaming because it was impacting my ability to get my job done. No job, no income.  I also started seeing a counselor to deal with depression because I got laid off after working at a company for 9 years.  If your friend is 12, and has no responsibilities then it's fine to just try and coax him out of the house now and then.  If he's 16 and flunking high school then you probably want to talk to him.  If he's working, or married, and people are depending on him then there is more at stake.

I know it's tough to bare your soul and have no one respond, but you were a bit vague about the details.

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