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Hi, I'm David Comeau, I'm 27 years old, I'm from Canada. I have been gaming since a very young age and I always had some issue with video game. I was born with a mental handicap, which touch my ability to express my-self and understanding other peoples, so I had a lot of trouble and anxiety with my social life. I was also  diagnose with attention problem. So learning was very hard thing for me to do and I was always behind everyone else. When I start to game it now that create the bad habit to escape from the hard thing that is to learn. And I was isolating my-self because I was very shy. 

During the age 19, I started to developp a passion for the guitar, but I was still very much addicted to gaming. 

As I get older, there were other art skills that I wanted to developed, 

Art Skill like: Composing Song, Drawning, Creative Writing, Making Video

but starting this were requiring time and dedication.  

So, thanks to Game Quitter video I manage for the first time in my life to stop playing for at least a month 

but than I restart to watch playthrough and videogame related stuff on Youtube so I think it wasn't any better than playing it

So today I'm restarting from day 1!

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Hey Dave,

Welcome to the forums, nice to see another 27 year old Canadian as well! Day 10 for me, I find the weekends difficult, especially Friday nights like today. Looking forward to following your journey, and finding inspiration in your success! I feel this age is a beautiful time to evolve and use the additional time to develop and challenge ourselves to become the person we want tos see looking back at us in the mirror! 

Lets change our lives! 

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