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Weird feeling in head???


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I find it very difficult to concentrate on anything. Anytime some one is trying to have a convo with me or a group of friends is doing something I just feel tired and fatigued and not there like they are and a feeling of being a zombie and depressed. Anytime someone asks me to do something or I am trying to perform an activity I'm like what did you say? They get frustrated from asking me over and over again. It's like my brain can't focus and it feels heavy and full of like cotton or something and it is confused and dizzy and fatigued. The only way I have found to get rid of it temporarily is to sleep a lot. I mean like 11 hours or something of sleep and it goes away for like 30min to possibly and hour of me being awake but then it comes right back. I figure since this issue makes it so hard to really do anything or make friends or work then I should just go back to gaming because he don't bother me as much there. I would kill to get rid of this weird head dizzy tired feeling or whatever it is. It is very real but also very hard to describe. I really hope someone in here knows what it is and can help me to get rid of it quick so I can start attacking my dreams. Thanks!

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