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Feeling lonely without being connected


Feeling alone without being connected  

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  1. 1. Are you feeling lonely when you are not connected to some kind of social network / social app?

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I'm introverted. I rarely go out, usually only if I cannot avoid it. I have a few friends which I see about once every two weeks and that's ok for me. Seeing them to often drains my energy and I need alone time to regain this energy.

However, when I'm home alone I sometimes feel this awkward loneliness. I often connect to twitch then, watching live streams and chat with hundreds of other people in these public chats.
This helps me a lot overcoming the feeling of loneliness.

Often it is enough to look at my friendlist and see my internet and real life friends online. I find it strange that just being connected with some client & having a friendlist or joining a stream can help me to overcome this feeling of loneliness. If I wouldn't have these options I believe I would suffer way more than I do with the tools I'm having at hand currently.

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Everyone got to know that feeling sometime. It's the "if I am not connected I miss something". But everyone descibes it differently i suppose.

Instead on participating in social media try to improve your skills in different areas. Clean your room, interact with your family. I think they care about you.

Set yourselve small goals. After a while you get more proud of yourselve, you start to propably feel better and do not weight social media as much.

If that does not work, delete your accounts after writing down your most important Phone numbers.

Your descriptions sounds like an addiction.
And addiction is a feeling which hinders you at thinking in normal ways. An addiction hinders you keeping a clear head. An addiction will dictate your life and therefore make you behave differently than the rest of people.

It will be a hard start, but you will see it get's easier after a while.

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