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Admitting to my gaming/tech/internet problem

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I'm only a few credits away from graduating college but I keep neglecting my studies and failing. At this rate even if I graduate my GPA would be awful, who would even hire me? I'm pretty sure I'm getting to close to hitting rock bottom in my life and I've had enough. Instead of reaching out for help I shut off the world and disconnected and bottled it all up. Because I was ashamed and scared and didn't want to look like a giant dissapointment. I almost want to tear up because I've squandered so much time and opportunity. 


God this post reads like a giant downer but I can't help it. This is where I am now and I'm here for help and support. 


See you around.


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Hello there,


Let me share an interesting perspective that can clear up the fog of “I’ve made mistakes, who would even hire me”

I lost my my first amateur boxing match. The disappointment was awful, but the coach walked up to me and said: in one defeat you gain more experience than in 10 victories.

This advice has one proviso (you must be constantly pushing yourself to do better and gaining confidence by sharing with people who love you)


I have an inverse situation to you. I learned the trick of memorising study material early on at school and it helped me through the university. I scored merit for my Master’s degree. Now mark this point, a person can have good grades but be unreliable at work. I was forced to leave two jobs before I realized its not just studies that determine success, developed character is crucial.

There are A students that prove to be unreliable. There are C students that are well rounded to turn a business around. Not saying this from hearsay, but from direct experience.

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